Botchamania 369: Last of the Summerslam Wine

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Planet Zebes by Kenji Yamamoto (Super Smash Bros. 64)

Level Summary by Rick Fox (Aero the Acro-Bat, SNES)

Skyway Octane …for “Mirage Saloon Zone: Act 1” -Sonic Ver. by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania)

Ken by Yoshihiro Sakaguchi, Yoko Shimomura, Tetsuya Nishimura, Isao Abe (Super Street Fighter II, SNES)

El Phantasmo And The Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama (Wine, Women And Song Mix) by White Zombie

Porch Swing Paws by Do A Barrel Roll! (Banjo-Kazooie)

Perfect Strangers Theme Song

Thanks To…

No Fun Dunne for the fabulous intro

w_w_unicorns for the mexican wave/whatever you wanna call that

undisputedstomp for the wig

JJWilliamsWON for EC3 and the recording device

luchablog for the moonsault ladder

GolazoDan for The Crash and Cody Hall falling over

HOPE Wrestling for the Kip Sabian bit

RobViper for the Mexican Table

kkaz ent for the Rusev Day ending

martin c for the ricochet ending

iiLunxtic for the Bayley Bottle

Ilikejason for the Crazy Taxi ending and the E3 clip

everyone on twitter for the drunk women table thing clip

List Of Companies…

No Fun Dunne can be followed on Twitter

The Crash have a YouTube

IPW:UK have a pivotshare where you can see Kip Sabian not fuck up

HighSpots Network have PWG and only a year after the event happened

Smart Mark Video is the home for GCW and NICK F’N GAGE

Powerbomb dot TV for The Making Towns (anti) Classic

Zelo Pro Wrestling have a cool site to go with their cool name

Nickel City Wrestling have a FaceBook page

World Series Wrestling are doing so well, WWE are moving in soon

Raven Cyram has a groovy YouTube channel

ILikeJason’s channel is just as groovy (if not more so)

Making Towns Classic’s Twitter is here!


It’s been a very long four weeks since the last video due to my hard drive crapping out. Luckily I’d backed up most things but everything needed to be re-installed and whatnot so apologies for the delay but the important thing is my copy of Red Alert 2 still works.

R.I.P. Vader, a wrestler I liked as a kid because of Boy Meets World and loved as an adult when I could discover his feud with Sting.

R.I.P. Coachman’s credibility as a commentator, holy shit what the fuck happened.

MITB was a fun show if you skipped Mahal/Reigns and Charlotte/Asuka. NXT was great as usual aside from that miss from Black.

I’ve never see a wrestler literally quit a match (aside from the Luger vs. Brody cage match if that counts) so thanks Emil.

Wish I had interesting stuff to type here, I’ve got nothing apart from ALL IN COMING SOON WOOO but you probably already know that.

Thanks for reading Windjammers, see you next video.

  • G-Walla

    Disappointed there’s no Chris Jericho telling Red Shoes to pull him off Naito during their Dominion match.

    • I’m avoiding NJPW stuff, their footage insta-kills videos

      • Pres.Clint Dempsey

        Speaking of, one of the videos is geo-blocked.

        • Brian

          all of the recent videos are on dailymotion. Apparently maffew is keeping those UK only

          • I’m not, honest. DM is fucking shit.

          • Brian

            Ah, apologies mate. Error message i saw said geo-locked by owner. I thought it meant owner of the video

          • Leo Grant

            I can attest to that.

      • G-Walla

        That sucks, though the nature of the beast, i suppose. I was just looking for validation of what I heard. It’s so rare I ever notice wrestlers talking in a match.

  • saqzar

    can i eat you?

  • Pres.Clint Dempsey

    Is it safe to say that Graves is the HBK of commentary?

    90s HBK to be more precise.

  • james

    Charlotte/Asuka? you mean carmella?

  • Wow…. Coach has gotten horrible. He never should’ve left ESPN. Yo so el Table! That TLC match… what the fuck? At least it wasn’t Roman vs. the Maharahjah-bum.

  • JoPo

    Loved the Sing-a-Long addition.

    Just counting the days until Disney has a cease and desist -_-

  • Broken M

    Ya see, the problem with the Roman Jinder match wasn’t that they chanted, it’s that they chanted the wrong thing. They should have been chanting:

    T N A T N A T N A

    R O H R O H R O H

    G F W G F W G F W

    Chanting for Cena, Dream, or Broken Matt’s delete just tells them how over they are. You wanna piss off Vince, chant the competition.

    • LOVE AND HIP HOP clap clap clapclapclap

    • Leo Grant

      Except TNA GFW and ROH aren’t really competition to them.

  • FilmJenkins, from YouTube
  • Lycanthrokeith

    Can’t believe he missed the “Brock Lesnar is the Monster In The Bank” gaffe at the end.

    • I don’t think Cole was saying Lesnar WAS the Monster in the bank, sounded like Cole was just saying stuff.


      • G-Walla

        I pity any man that exclaims, “FRUITY, DELICIOUS, FRUITY, FRUITY BROCK LESNAR!”

  • Leo Grant

    Ohhhhhhhhh that Candyman ending was Savage.

  • Mike Bush

    Maffew you F’d up, it wasn’t Charlotte/Asuka it was Carmella/Asuka. #Botchamania

  • Omg that Tekken ending. Calling it now, hof inductee for 2019

  • Trevor Bivens

    Oh man. Making Towns made this one. I was at that show.

  • Monadelics

    In America we call the Mexican Wave just “The Wave” Lol.

  • Placid_Snake

    You know what? Lance Storm’s tweet makes a lot of sense kayfabe-wise. If someone brings a weapon to a regular match and the other guys defends himself and just so happens to have the attacker hit the weapon, there’s no reason the guy in self-defence should be punished for it when it’s not his fault it happened. I am willing to accept this explanation.