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Botchamania 370: Children Of The Cornette


Rugged Ridge by Kristofer Maddigan (Cuphead)

Snow Go, Snow Biz & Cold Hard Crash by Josh Mancell (Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy)

Stand Up Against Myself by Toshiharu Yamanishi (Thunder Force IV)

Thanks To…


Shane Strickland for the fabulous intro. He’s done one before but he tried a pasty in Newcastle Station so he’s alright

@WWERDream for the Drew Galloway rope clip

Arnold Furious for the Tokyo Joshi clip

Matthew Oliveira for the C4 clip

Captain Shabam for the Captain Shabam clip

Emily Jay for the whateverthefuck Sunset Flip clip

Deano Harry Coldham for the Machine Head idea

Charles-William Guay for the Sinn Bodhi vs. Markus Burke clip

Bix (I think) for tweeting about the Sammy Haggar clip ages ago


Pizza_Suplex for the Overwatch ending

Jared Bundy for the Home Alone ending

Raven Cyram for the SID OH MY GOD WHY ME ending

Kriss Apollyon for the Peppa Pig ending

Jesse Heslehurst for the Thor idea


I’m sure everyone’s going to inform me that the reason for the WWE UK Triple Threat match being announced as a Four-Way was because Jinny was supposed to be in it but got hurt so they re-shot it, that’s fine but this was shown a week later and no-one edited that out? EC3 must have brought some of those Work Experience kids when he left Impact because their TV has been pre-recorded and fine for months

First CZW bit in over eight months I think. I virtually gave up on watching the product as I have little interest in it but people kept on sending me clips so if it’s once a year and there’s no death match bits included I’m sure you people won’t mind as long as we ge a lever-pull and that Zandig sound-bite

Those are my attempts at referencing ketamine during the Flair bit. Yeah it ain’t great but it stops me horsing around

WWE aired clips from Victory Road 2011 in one of those WAIT WHAT moments in the Hardy 24 documentary and aired it without commentary so you could hear Bischoff’s instructions clear as day for the first time which is amazing (for me)

On the other hand, Bayley shouting YOU AIN’T SHIT was likely planned but people will want to see/hear it so there you go. The clip after it is Tank Abbot yelling I COULD FUCKING KILL YOU from Superbrawl X because I had nothing else

That’s everything so thanks again for WAIT FUCK is this the first video in months to not feature Simpsons and/or Sonic Mania music? Oh no, now everyone’s going to think I’ve died and been replaced like Ultimate Warrior in 1992. Or in my case, Renegade

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

Shane Strickland can be followed here

WWE Network is still around and including sweet-arse rare clips in 24 and Something Else To Wrestle

C4 wrestling have a fancy English website

North Shore Pro Wrestling have a fancy French website


Jericho’s podcast can be found here

Raven Cyram has a groovy YouTube channel


  • greg quiles

    saw it yesterday loved it then love it now. happy to donate money to this cause makes kids adi;ts everyone laugh. pleasure to donate to you.

  • Man, that Kevin Owens-Sid ending was hilarious.

  • Mike Bush

    The Batista ending was the best part.

  • ColeYote

    CZW must be cursed, man, Joey Ryan doesn’t fuck up like that very often.

  • Matthew Maynard Adams

    No one is going to mention how there was a “white power” sign in that Mero clip?

    • Missed it.

      • Matthew Maynard Adams

        About 5:40 in.

    • raVen ™

      Right!? I thought that was the botch. Marrow’s mic not working is a blessing not a botch

    • JimbobJones the Dancing Clown

      That was the first thing I saw, too!

  • Iran so far away…


  • Adrián Vidal

    for the austin drift, i was hoping to hear “DEJA VUUU!!”

  • That Batista ending tho, wow.

    Oh and thanks Maffew, I’ve been trying not to see Takahashi “Cheers mate here’s 3 unrelated to that one!”