For Pete’s Sake by Mark Miller (Earthworm Jim, Mega Drive)

The Mean Bean Machine …BOSS: Puyo Egg Puyo by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania)

Esaka? (Acid Mix) by Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan (The King of Fighters ’99)

Thanks To…

LOUISO0906 for the ZERO1 head-in-tights

narukiroy for the big-ass spear in DDT

Reiko Mars for the adorable Joshi clip

Simon Lacroix for the AWA and Tommy Wich clip

World Series of Wrestling for yet another botch, think they’ve been in the last 10 videos

GoobZWM for the fan can of Sydal’s press

Xander Cooper for his own clip

Alex Ewing for the Jurassic Park 3 ending (it ain’t great but I had to respect someone for using that as inspiration)

OGSociopath for the Black Eyed Peas and Silly Walks endings

Andrew Lima for the WARRIORRR ending


I didn’t think the Sin Cara clip was that bad but only the basis of seeing a Frankensteiner off the top rope to the apron go so much worse elsewhere. But the people spoke and DEMOCRACCYY

I’m in the group that enjoyed the fans cheering a clock over Rollins vs. Ziggler because who the fuck thought having an Iron Man match over the IC Title in a dead-feud after 5 hours of wrestling was a good idea?

Slammiversary XV was a great show, Impact may have issues behind the scenes but their PPVs have been consistently fun, especially the LAX vs. Original LAX feud

The wXw clips are from their annual out-take special, I didn’t put everything in as I’m sure they’d love that so go check out their Now service for the rest. Thanks Melanie Grey for doing the SEND FOR THE MAN line

That MSG Royal Rumble 1994 show is a beautiful find and the best thing is: WWE filmed at least some of it as this was the show The Quebecers won the titles when Raw was on at the same time (think it was the only day they could book MSG or something) so maybe we’ll see it on the Network one day

I’ve had that Bo Dallas ending ready for about a year and a half, waiting for Bo to actually win something so it works. I never gave up

Some of the music choices have been ”songs I’ve used before but different console/ports/remixes” as my HD killed my huge playlist of songs I’ve used so sorry if you’re one of the crazy Windjammers that’s been watching these for ten years going HEY HE USED THAT SONG FOR A TNA PPV IN 2012

Sorry for the gap of three weeks between videos but with a real life job, I’m doing my best to spin plates and get these done on a regular basis but honestly, it may be easier these going to a once-monthly thing. We’ll see, I appreciate your patience

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

TK Cooper can be found here

WWE Network is still around, go watch all seven hours of Extreme Rules

Pro Wrestling ZERO1 has a YouTube

wXw Now just added a load of 2009 shows in all their oh-my-god-this-company-used-to-suck glory

DDT still don’t have an official English site so go follow DramaticDDT instead

IWA-MS have a FB so go click ”like” before they shut down again (only to return a month later)

WSW have a grouse FB page


AAA has a YouTube that works sometimes

Riptide Wrestling have beautifully shot shows

Xander Sullivan’s Twitter is here (his forehead is still on myspace)

Jim Cornette’s podcast is still angry

That’s all, see you next time Windjammers!

  • greg quiles

    lol another great episode and great ending.

  • cabspaintedyellow

    That Bo ending made me think Hugh Jackman just might be the guy for a Vince McMahon movie.

  • tony

    Maffew, thanks for all your hard work (for which I am a proud patreon)

    I dunno what you think about it, but instead of going to once-a-month, have you considered just cutting down the vid lengths to 10-15min (like they were a couple years ago) rather than 22min like this one? I don’t know if that would substantively reduce your workload to something manageable, but if it would, I would certainly not mind a slightly shorter vid every 2 weeks

    • I get what you’re saying but I’m busy working my normal job and I have less time to make these as I used to be. There’s absolutely no guarantee of having even 10 mins every 2 weeks due to me not being able to control who fucks up and when. I may put this to a vote at some point though, thanks for your support.

  • Oh man, that Silly Walks thing with Sami Zayn killed me as did the guy who hit the fan.

  • kwstas tzizinpantakis
  • Tewhundridennindyatepancase

    Idea: use Jesus Built My Hotrod for the next Jeezus segment.

  • ColeYote

    How did you not include that monster botch of a powerbomb between Yoshi-Hashi and EVIL at the G1?

    • because I hate you

      (I’m saving it for a G1 bit)

  • motorheadbanger

    Really? No one mentions the Warrior ending? I almost choked on my Lifesaver, for Christ sakes! I was wondering where it was going and then BAM! Dat mutha fucka almost killed me! Keep up the great work, Maffew!

  • Ben Chappel

    I have an idea for an ending from the August 7, 2018 episode of Smackdown Live.

  • Zanon23

    Maffew, Job comes first! We surely appreciate all of the effort you put into your videos 🙂 Plus with the Cultaholic gig too, there’s a lot you can do as well so don’t worry bout it.

    Fantastic as always!

  • Placid_Snake

    “We want X-Pac!”

    … the fuck’s wrong with this crowd?

  • hijackmaniac

    omg that face covering pants roll up always gets me 😀