Rooftop Run: Act 1 by Tomoya Ohtani (Sonic Generations)

Fantasy Area by Mark Miller (Kid Chameleon)

Mine, Mine Mine by Pocahontas

Library Card by Arthur and Friend


El Phantasmo and his pal Tim Smallman for the fabulous intro

The Ojmo for the Kurtis Chapman clip

Islander250 for the guy going over

juicefreak247 and hardest pod of the ring for the Limitless Wrestling cage match

Joe Mateos for the Pete Dunne Crash debut for the Mexican fans clip

Coke Ibushi for the Ronda ending

carl0076 for the EC3 ending

WWEaboo for the kane ending

LazyGenGamers for the Spongebob ending

Edson Rafael Hernandez Munoz for the Regular Show ending

StormLesterDe for the Steiner Renee ending

Zero Pai for the Mega Man X Walter ending

Brock book Credits…

finborg for Potter

MdNoi for cooking

TheSpoonyOne for cage

wresnocontext for BTTF2 and Evil Dead

CoolsomeXD for Al Gore

Wrestling Memes for caterpillar

HerrDrFunk for glass

BigHominid for Dummies

TheKatyLawson for men

lapras king for tiddies

Shirokasi for JoJo

Art0Donnell for Skinner

Zin5ki for smiles

OGSociopath for Homer

EdwardJacksn for knives

Snoringelbow for cook humans

SimpsonsWWE for nudity

HempshallAndy for Wrestlecrap

DaRealGummy for disablity

Doctopus for cable

matthewwgilpin for ass


Given up on Dailymotion and it’s bizarre insistence on telling people ”the user has geo-blocked this in your country” when I click DO NOT GEO BLOCK ANYWHERE, ALLOW ALL COUNTRIES repeatedly. The advantage of Dailymotion is videos rarely get removed but the negative is if there’s a problem, they will never get back to you. So continuing to upload while this is happening is a waste of time and results in ”why have you blocked this in England, don’t you live there too?” messages.

Lashley butchering Rockin’ Robin was brutal but I guess it didn’t help that Elias played it at 33% speed but I’m not a guitar player so eh.

Cole shouting BLISS TAPS was amazing, someone sent a message that said ”my small child noticed this” and no shit. Dead people and rocks also saw it.

The wXw wrestlers were lovely in real life so it thrilled them to tweet me ”you’re welcome” after their tables match. Danke.

I’ve used HBK-while-completely-fucked-up’s ”teeth down throat” bit before but I only recently found out LOD mocked it a few weeks later.

I don’t want to brag but I was happy with how that Tom & Jerry ending turned out. The timeline is all messed up but I think enough of it works for me to go ”OK I’ve made some crap but THIS was ok.”

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

El Phantasmo can be found on Twitter and Facebook

WWE Network is still around, hope you’re ready for all 15 hours of Summerslam

Limitless Wrestling were the company with the cage match and nice fans. Unsure if they’re going to film and release the show, fingers crossed though

wXw Now works wonderfully but Absolute Andy beat Ilja so don’t watch anything recent

Jim & Sam Show is a big deal and here’s their YouTube channel

AAW Pro are still consistently pumping out shows

World of Sport airs every Saturday at 5pm on ITV1

CZW is still feuding with GCW but denying it

That’s all, see you next time Windjammers! Which will be after Starrcast and All In and I’m keeping that next video hostage so I don’t get killed!

  • tony

    Kid Chameleon music was superb

  • Loved that Space Oddity ending and the one of Brock reading books is classic.

  • OMFG. Mic in space and the Tom & Jerry bit were AWESOME.

  • Wow, *golf clap* that Tom & Jerry ending was superb.

  • That Tom & Jerry ending was fantastic. Definitely a keeper.

  • Erik Chabek

    First Clifford the Big Red Dog (365) and now an Arthur song? Somebody loves PBS Kids besides me and my family!

  • kungfool

    Bravo on the Tom and Jerry! It was the first time I ever looked to see who made it. Awesome

  • JimbobJones the Dancing Clown

    Those fans “fighting” when the wrestlers did made me laugh way harder than I should have.

  • motorheadbanger

    I liked the Tom & Jerry ending but the Space Oddity ending came “outta nowhere” and had me rolling. Great job again! Keep up the great work!