Water Palace: Act 1 “Back 2 Back – Digital Remakin’ Track” by Hideki Naganuma (Sonic Generations)

Mii Channel by Yasunori Mitsuda (Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS)

Adon Stage by Isao Abe, Syun Nishigaki, Yamamoto Setsuo, Kadota Yuko, Kuru-Kuru Chance Iwami, Mizuta Naoshi (Street Fighter Alpha)

Jellyfish Fields by Yummysoise (SpongeBob SquarePants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman)

Options Theme by Mark Miller (Kid Chameleon)

Title Theme by Chip Harris (Bubsy 2, SNES)

Thanks To…

The MJF for the fabulous intro. He told me you all suck so I guess you guys all suck, sorry.

FallenKikyo for the recovery

Joey Janela for the Dink clip and the ladder falling on his face

forget who sent me the ASW clip, sorry

nWoWolfpacTV2016 for uploading the MTV spring break clip

ProjectBrewington for the Northwest Ohio Wrestling

Marc Matthews for the table

Brandon Woodhouse for the WSW table-thing

Alex Waller for the B-Team ending

Lazy Gen Gamers for the Brock ending

The LTG Podcast for the Vince Jose ending

Murdoink for the Smash Bros. ending

Dan_Bandana for The Rock ending

The crowd at Starrcast for the FACKIN BULLSHIT

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WWE Network is still around, hope you’re ready for all 15 hours of Summerslam

wXw Now works wonderfully and Ilja is JACKED now

Beyond Wrestling’s back catalogue can be found on PB TV

ICW is still crazy, God bless ’em

ASW’s Friday Night’s Fight Night can be found here

NWA-TNA PPVs can be found on the GFW Network

Northwest Ohio Wrestling can be found here

AAW Pro are still consistently pumping out shows with lovely cinematography

Kayfabe Commentaries is still going strong

DDT Wrestling has a YouTube that’s kind of accessible



Well this episode has taken a while to come out, to say the least. The original plan was to air it at Starrcast because I was told we’d be OK showing copyrighted material and the Fite App would simply show the crowd’s reaction but they changed it when I got there and we ended up playing like six clips haha. So then I edited in some All In botches and the Bella’s dives because they were awesome.

The anime at the start is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure because the rule is ”all anime is shit apart from jojo.”

Originally Summerslam was going to be first but Triplemania is much more deserving of the headline position as WWE’s big show didn’t have Vampiro farting, demanding music during a run-in when he’s ringside, Jack Evans possibly shooting on Chessman, Fenix blading and Pena’s sister taking a dive to the face. I freely admit I don’t enjoy lucha so I’m almost sorry to be ruining AAA’s big show for fans of lucha but when a guy is YELLING for his FUCKING MUSIC to be played live on air, it’s hard to ignore.

I totally think Rousey’s ARE YOU READY was part of her cocky act as she destroyed Bliss but Coach bungled things with his speech as usual and made people think she was calling spots. But people asked for it and I aim to please so eh.

Also trimmed down the JFK BACK AND TO THE LEFT as people are right, that bit can draaaag.

I’ve been looking for footage of that Nash MTV clip for years, I love YouTube.

All In was awesome and I definitely haven’t been co-opted with the rest of wrestling media, honest. I will be typing more when I have got my sleep pattern back on track and have got Manchester Media Con out of the way. Oh and move house. I picked a hell of a time to go to Starrcast huh.

Also to everybody I bumped into, spoke with and enjoyed the company of at Starrcast, thank you. The pleasure was all mine, it was an awesome experience to meet you all in person and to eat shit food together. See you next time!

  • tony

    Vampiro farting audibly on the air = a highlight in the history of this youtube series

    • Epilef

      This gotta be on the oppening!

  • greg quiles

    sorry but your getting 2 f in good. i would pay any money on fundraiser for to make these. 11 out of 10 fuckin bullshit.

  • ViewtfulHero

    Nice to see Adon’s Theme getting used again after 200 something episodes :S

    Also nice to see WWE continuing to pretend the ending to Wreslemania 2000 never happened with Rock saying he’d never hit a woman.

  • Tritian

    you sure had plenty of material to work with from just triplemania alone lol.

    • I know. These events seem to keep getting worse. What the fuck AAA? Puta madre.

  • Yoiks… and away!

    So fucking funny.

  • Man, Triplemania just keeps getting worse though Vampiro fighting live on air is fucking hilarious. Having experienced the joy of All In, I’m just glad that there’s people who care about the audience and not insult their intelligence unlike Meekmahan-land. They really think the fans are stupid and will buy into anything they give them. Sure, All In had a few fuck-ups but they at least they brought enough quality matches and moments to overshadow that.

    That story with Kevin Nash is awesome and I’m sorry but anyone who threw a fucking rock at me is going to get his ass kicked. I don’t care who the fuck you are. Nash is in the right on this.

  • Luminous

    Vampiro is an idiot. He’s so unprofessional.

    • JoPo

      More like, “Vampir-No”!

  • A.K. El Patrón


  • I saw that spring break special with the NWO back when it aired, hilarious to know the outcome of that years later. The letter in crayon is such a great touch.

    Two entrees for the Botchamania HoF: Vampiro and AAA

    Also, surprised you didn’t put anything from the Cody v Aldis match, there were more than enough phantom kicks. Also, that awkwardly long blade spot where DDP helps him up and the camera catches Cody’s face but he hasn’t started bleeding yet. (not to be nitpicky but Aldis hits the most half assed splash/dive thing on Cody too)

  • Andy Zwicker

    Becky’s part of the promo when she was bagging on the fans is a prime example of how out of touch WWE can really be.That part was the most not Becky promo cut by Becky ever. It’s a good thing they changed direction.

    Becky is way too safe of a worker at times. Those punches were bad. The second batch were much better.

  • “Also trimmed down the JFK BACK AND TO THE LEFT as people are right, that bit can draaaag.”
    [trimmed bits call to the cutting room floor]
    Back, and to the left.

  • motorheadbanger

    The fat girl going ass over teakettle in the ropes made my day. I really needed that. Great vid as always! Keep up the great work!

  • Monadelics

    Dude, that Rock Austin Ending killed me.

  • Derrick Eide

    That rock ending was absolutely glorious, laughed so damn hard.

  • k-man

    Whats the song at 21:36 ?

  • HockeyFan13

    Best group of endings ever.

  • JoPo

    Wow! Great 25 minute video, Maffew, and unlike Vampiro, you get all the fucking music!

  • ColeYote

    I find it almost impressive how consistently Triplemania is one of the worst shows of the year. It’s like the anti-Wrestle Kingdom.

  • raVen ™

    That austin ending was the best thing in history

  • Placid_Snake

    Pretty sure Ronda’s call wasn’t intentionally. She definitely didn’t say it in a cocky way.