Stage Dan by Shun Nishigaki, Setsuo Yamamoto, Tatsuro Suzuki (Street Fighter Alpha 2)

Armadillo Mini Game by Chip Harris (Bubsy 2, SNES)

Thanks To…

Sean Mooney (yes that Sean Mooney) for the fabulous intro

bornthisrich for the Rusev instagram

the dude on twitter who reminded me of the YOU TALK TOO MUCH from Avengers

luchablog for the stroke

Spencer Shuba for the ring break

Mint Mike Mitchell for the Janela clip

Lindykatt and emegzar for the Shield vs table clips

Chewfactor Creative for the cameraman falling

Eric Sturrock for the Ring Warriors footage

hallicks for the Wild Cherry ending

ExtremeSlimer for the Charlotte DO I NOT LOOK HAPPY ending

sylvester_terkay for Randy getting randy ending

doctrine_darksol for Springfield Attitude 1999 ending

mitch hidden vids for Lio Rush ending


I’d usually use Run-DMC’s You Talk Too Much for the Talk Too Much bit but Thanos and Loki do the Undertaker/HBK bit shot-for-shot so I had to use the old-school Hardcore Superstar riff instead. Feel free to make up stuff about James Gunn being a BM fan, everything else is going bad for him right now.

As far as I know that’s all the Rusev instagram footage available, I assume his last words were ”You know I’m recording now?” before stopping the feed.

I used to hate the idea of pineapple on pizza purely on principal but I was surprised to see it tastes awesome. Swerve etc.

Apparently Mr. Niebla is renowned for showing up fucked up but he’s not had a main event go four minutes due to his (in)actions as far as I know. I get all my lucha news from twitter, sorry.

Simon Gotch did that interview over a year ago and I’ve been sitting on it, waiting for him to fuck up. I love how proud he is off having that record too, until his world fell apart. Thanks XWA, love you Simon.

I don’t have any info (or better video) of the Ring Warriors but ho-ly shit.

WoS isn’t my thing but if they fancy video game noises I may start watching.

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

Sean Mooney can be found on his new YouTube channel

WWE Network is still around so you can watch Hell In A Cell, my favourite WWE supershow as I didn’t need to go to bed mid-way through it.

OTT uploaded the More Than Hype vs. Legit 100 match from Wrestlerama 2 on their YouTube

AAA also have a YouTube if that’s your thing

CMLL upload whole shows on their YouTube

AAW Pro are still consistently pumping out shows with lovely cinematography

wXw Now is great and you can watch Ishimori get mad at Chuck Taylor right now

RFVideo did the Simon Gotch/Grimm shoot interview so kudos

XWA have a FaceBook right here

World of Sport started airs every Saturday at 2.30pm on ITV1

Much love to all of you Windjammers for still watching the worst bits of wrestling when wrestling as a whole has possibly never been better, and see you next video.

  • greg quiles

    sorry but i don’t call this botchamania i call this textbook humor. 10 out of 10. glad i donated.

  • I love the fact that the tables refuse to sell for the Shield. CMLL really needs to stop with getting those who are a danger to themselves and everyone else. OK, honestly. Who did that “Careless Whisper” ending? I lost my shit from that clip. That was definitely one of the best endings ever as I laughed my ass off.

  • JoPo

    Big Botch Man!

  • Simon seems like a class guy. Great Samoa Joe bit BTW.

  • motorheadbanger

    First, that Samoa Joe pineapple gag fucking KILLED ME! I had to stop watching to catch my breath. You know what I like, Maffew!! Second, the Simpson’s Raw is War ending and the Lio Rush ending were two of the most creative and well polished I’ve seen in a long time. Kudos to doctrine_darksol & mitch hidden vids! Great job guys! As always, Maffew, keep up the GREAT work!!!

    • I was trying to find out what the pineapple thing was referencing because it went over my head. Usually I’m in the know with these things. Would you be able to elaborate?

      • motorheadbanger

        During the match with a AJ someone yelled to Joe about pineapple not belonging on pizza. It’s early in the video.

        • Yeah, I heard it, but was wondering if there was a backstory to it. Like it’s his favourite topping or something.

  • Epilef

    Well, this was one of the gratest episodes EVER. Everything was spot on. Keep up the good work Maffew!

  • Slick Vic

    Loved the shenmue QTE at the end had me rollin lol

  • Excellent!

  • Brilliant.

  • I.R.Shnow

    I laughed way too much at the Randy clip almost at the end…

  • Brandon

    … but seriously, pineapple doesn’t belong anywhere near pizza.