One Foot in the Grave by Eric Idle

Casino Night: Act 2 by Atsushi “Sushi” Kosugi, Jun Senoue (Sonic Generations)

BGM Theme 1 by Kouji Niikura, Yukie Sugawara (WCW/nWo Revenge)

Down On Me by Jackyl

Thanks To…

Jerry Lynn for the fabulous intro. I’d been told The Old F’N Show was a fan for years and I was glad to confirm it

Thaddeus Archer The Third for the RCW powerbomb

Robbie Marino (the JESUS guy) for his own botch

MAXWrestlingWA for Alex Zayne and The Whisper

itsalrightbro for ”cancerbero”

ian hamilton for Midwest Militia vs Nasty tricks

i forgot the names of the guys wrestling in the fair, sorry guys all the file says is ”will ospreay” but i don’t think that’s right

JXT for the faceplant

Hoodslam for the bizarre Dr. Luther interview

luchablog for pointing out the La Parka/LA Park thing

loads of people for the daniel bryan memphis/louisville thing

randochirs for the charlotte/becky ending

dubiouscubanx for curb your elias

PunishmentNationale for bald bald BALD


A lot of people have a said a lot about the Brie Bella kick, I think both parties were at fault as Liv leaned over and made the target smaller (as brie couldn’t kick her in the tit) but I’m not surprised or out-raged like many online as i’m so used to seeing wrestlers fucking up i’m numb at this point. I’m more pissed at the WWE medical team at ringside doing such an awful job of checking on liv and allowing her back into the match.

I may have used all the good Sonic Mania songs so I’m back-tracking to Sonic Generations. Oh and I found a good rip of WCW/nWo Revenge so I hope you like N64 guitar distortion.

the AAW Pro thing was described as ”completely killing the mood” of the evening and it was very weird.

”why no Yoshi-Hashi” because NJPW send hit-squads to the homes of people who use their footage now so fuck that. Just watch Titus O’Neil and draw a Chaos shirt on.

some guy on twitter uploaded their version of Tiger Woods as Goldberg so this is not an original thought but people requested it so ehh

I had a fucking awesome time at Starrcast (you can see me looking like a Make-A-Wish kid to Cody’s left during his Smackdown story) and you can read more about the adventure right here

but the Jackyl remix was my favourite thing of this episode.

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

Remember to go to WrestleCrate UK to use that code, dammit

Jerry Lynn doesn’t seem to use social media much, his Twitter still has ”TNA” in the name. So if you see him in real life, give him a wave.

WWE Network is still around so you can watch Super Show-Down (just watch Joe vs. Styles and Alexander vs. Murphy)

RCW for the company that gave us the invisible powerbomb

Gunner The Pagan Destroyer for taking the invisible powerbomb

CMLL upload whole shows on their YouTube

AAW Pro are still consistently pumping out shows with lovely cinematography

Without A Cause WA for people dying

Rest of the amazing, awe-inspiring Botchamania panel can be seen here

Much love to all of you Windjammers, see you soon.

  • tony

    Jackyl + Cody = biggest laugh I have had in weeks, thank you

  • Jerry Lynn, a fucking legend. That indie Portland promo is hilarious. Cody, the man is on his way to becoming a legend just like his dad. I hope he never returns to Meekmahan-land. When I first saw Shawn Michaels’ bald head, the SpongeBob thing came into my head. BALD, BALD!!!!

    Brie Bella should just fuckin’ retire as she and her cum-bucket sister are just two fame-whores who only appear to shell out a stupid reality show no one fucking cares to see. Fuck those skanks. And fuck Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson for defending his dumb-ass wife while trying to kill himself with stupid flying headbutts. Fuck flying headbutts. Does he want to be the fucking Dynamite Kid or that guy who killed his wife and kid and later himself?

    OK, rant over.

    • Epilef

      Dude, chill out!
      No need to be so harsh!

      • I’m sick of people defending the fucking Bellas. The fact that Brie didn’t even apologize publicly and say “shit happens” goes to show that she doesn’t really give a shit about safety. Besides, how would you feel if someone stiffed you and you got a concussion without an apology over what happened? It’s one thing to be dangerous to yourself but it’s another to be dangerous to yourself and everyone else.

        • Epilef

          If you want to get angry and curse them… go ahead! I’m not gonna stop you!
          I’m not deffending anyone! I was just trying to make you relax a little…
          I mean… it’s not healty, got it?

          • Tell that to WWE fans who watch that bullshit.

          • Epilef

            Who hurt you, bro?

          • Meekmahan, Man w/ 3 Hs, Crybotch, a whole lot of people. I haven’t watch a full episode of RAW in nearly 4 years. I just listen to Solomonster, read things, and watch little clips. Seriously, how do you WWE fans can watch 3 hours of shit and take it? I’m too old for that shit.

          • ViewtfulHero

            I’m confused you don’t like WWE programming but yet you’re complaining about WWE programming you simultaneously watch and don’t watch.

          • I hear about it every now and then someone tells me about what happened and I see it from a clip and such. I’m often curious to know how bad they’re doing. Plus, hearing stories about Nikki Bella’s politicizing going back from the early 2010s about how she ended Natalya and Beth Phoenix’s Divas of Doom gimmick just rubbed me the wrong way. I just can’t understand what people see in these bitches. They’ve been wrestling for 11 years and yet still don’t have a clue of what to do in the ring.

          • ViewtfulHero

            Yeah I don’t believe that bit about Nikki killing the Divas Of Doom given Vince and creative’s notorious habit of killing gimmicks and talent with dumb nonsensical stuff that no one has to pull strings for.

          • But it if was true, I’m sure no one would be surprised as I read about it on a blog:

          • ViewtfulHero

            Yeah but ultimately we can blame the same people for that that thought The Bellas, Paige, & Naomi each needed to be the head of their own stables in a division with only one title…..which was a singles title.

          • True except that Paige and Naomi are talented. Plus, it could’ve been worse. They could’ve given the belt to… Allbotcheverything. Remember her?

          • ViewtfulHero

            Hey when you had such spotty Illuminaries like Sable, Trish, Chyna, a 70 something year old Fabulous Moolah, Lita, Kelly Kelly as The faces of your women’s division putting a title on Eva Marie suddenly doesn’t look all that bad…..even more so when you go on to give titles to still relatively green talent like Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, & Carmella.

          • Whoa…. are you saying Allbotcheverything is better than Alexa, Nia, and Carmella? Even for the fact that she botched a pinfall and had to have a referee to tell her what she’s doing?

          • ViewtfulHero

            No I was saying if they had given Eva Marie a push and gave her a title in spite of her dubious in ring ability it wouldn’t have been new territory for them.

            Plus keep in mind some of those names I’ve mentioned have had even worse botches like Lita nearly breaking her neck off a dive or Nia dropping Charlotte on her head doing a shoulder breaker. Eva Marie at least had the excuse of infamously being called up to the main roster while still being super green all to originally sell a reality show which was not the first time they did this unfortunately.

          • You got a point. I mean, after all. Look who they made WWE Champion last year to try and reach into the Indian market.

          • ViewtfulHero

            Undeserved, unjustified, and unusual as Jinder’s reign was it could’ve been much worse. They could’ve had him get the title under a very idiotic set of circumstances, win the title at Wrestlemania and go on a 15 month reign during which he only defends the title like 7 times while not wrestling a single time on TV and puts no one over clean even when he ultimately drops the title.

          • At least he’s not…. Enzo. David Arquette was a better champ than YOU CAN’T TEACH THAT!

          • ViewtfulHero

            Would Nicholas count as a good champion?

          • Compared to Enzo and the Maharajah-bum? Yeah.

  • Frederick

    Botchamania is tryin to fuck on me

  • … fool me twice Fuck on ME!

    • ViewtfulHero

      Just like Cody telling the story surrounding that match :S

  • Jackyl.

    Lion King.


    Oh my.

    Fucking brilliant.

  • ViewtfulHero

    some guy on twitter uploaded their version of Tiger Woods as Goldberg so
    this is not an original thought but people requested it so ehh,

    That version was shit due to how low Goldberg’s theme was.

  • motorheadbanger

    Another great video, mate! That Portland promo was ridiculous!! The guy botching the walk over the top rope was simply amazing. That made my day! Keep up the great work!!

  • HockeyFan13

    LOL at the Cody/Jackyl bit, and the Tiger Woods/Goldberg bit was hysterical.

  • Crab_Botherer

    That dude next to Cody is a handsome man, innit-he.

  • Placid_Snake

    Seriously, stop breaking the chairs, you’re not even doing any damage to the other guy, this is a really dumb spot.

    Also, about that story Cody told, you know it’s bad when Vince can’t think of anything to say. VINCE!!

    • Brandon-Jacob Parolisi

      It’s more about showcasing the aggression of the chair-chucker rather than it being meant to inflict pain. It’s a marriage of both figuratively and literally wanting to bury someone.

  • Brandon-Jacob Parolisi

    Oh dear god, Jerry Lynn looks old. :0 I think most of it was the ref shirt, he should just always be shirtless.