Stage Theme B by Koji Niikura (WCW vs. nWo Revenge)

Why You Always Lying by Orange Marley

Brie Mode by WWE

Internet Dial-Up noise by satan

Level Select by Stuart Ross (Space Station: Silicon Valley)

Tom & Jerry intro


Jimmy Jacobs The Zombie Princess for the fabulous intro

Richard Nelson for the AIW clip

iliekstahwahs for the CMLL clip

Marcus Burke @ViolentCanadian for the birthday clip

RandoChrist for the AC/DC ending

Dubyalucha for the Venom ending

Hardminute for the cowboy song ending

Lunch Break Kid for the toilet ending

Intheclouds for Things That Make You Go Wooo ending

Martin C for the Meltzer ending

Norbjr for the Titus 64 ending


Bound For Glory was good but not as good as Slammiversary and I went a whole sentence without mentioning Austin Aries AW DAMMIT

Alundra Blayze did as good a job as I would have done pronouncing Io’s name but I’m still throwing her under the bus.

Roode’s spot-calling is amazing in this episode, holy shit. Only Cena’s NOW NAKAMURA NOW at Rumble comes close.

BRIE MODE Lever may have to be a regular thing now I rarely watch CZW.

I had no idea NWA’s PPV was even happening until people messaged me saying YOU’VE GOT TO WATCH THIS SHIT so thanks people of twitter who know what I like.

The Rey clip is from a Network special on botches, because it was Smackdown it was pre-taped. But I think more people have seen the botch than the actual segment. August 22nd 2002 SD in case you were interested.

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

Jimmy Jacobs can be found here

Bound For Glory can be found on the GFW Network

WWE Network is still around so you can watch all the Mae Young moonsaults

GCW is still feuding with CZW but CZW don’t like talking about it

CMLL upload whole shows on their YouTube

NWA 70th Anniversary Show can be found on FiteTV

AIW have a lovely site

E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness with Rey Mysterio is right here

That’s all, see you next time Windjammers! Next one will include Evolution and Crown Jewel so there’ll be something to laugh (or cry) at.

  • The Vince laugh as Bowser from Super Mario 64 might be the most perfect thing ever.

  • I can understand not wanting to watch CZW since there isn’t much happening so replace that lever w/ Brie Mode botches as that is all she is good for. To amuse us.

    In defense of the NWA, they just got back to prominence so it’s going to take a while for them to keep up with modern technology and fix things such as audio.

    That indie stuff with the baking sheet was hilarious but not as funny as the table no-selling. I love to hear Rey and Edge just talk as that botch was hilarious. You could see Edge trying not to laugh.

    Oh, that Titus ending is awesome as is Meekmahan’s laugh as Bowser.

  • E C W ! E C W ! E C W !

  • Wow,that Titus ending tho. One of the best of 2018 for sure

  • Yoikes! And away!

    Fuck on me!

    They both need to make regular appearances. I’m still laughing.

  • Yoikes! And away!

    Fuck on me!

    They both need to make regular appearances. I’m still laughing.

  • Calvin Rivera

    Thank you for giving my life new meaning

  • Yoikes! And away!

    Fuck on me!

    They both need to make regular appearances. I’m still laughing.

  • xpac-heat

    Big Country was epic with Vince as the end shot.

  • Tyler Harding

    I’d be okay with FUCK ON ME getting as much traction as the Rock’s stupid honking thing personally

  • I love the Robin Hood Daffy moment. If any just because Looney Tunes. :3

  • Placid_Snake

    I’m so confused by that toilet ending.

    Also, I think you may have the wrong GCW in the description there, Maffew. Unless they rebranded as a Catholic amateur wrestling league for kids. Though if they did, their feud would be the one thing that might get me to watch CZW.

  • motorheadbanger

    The dude from CMLL dropping like a rock to the floor made my night. I’m not a hard man to please!! That NWA 70 intro bit killed me. Corny’s face says it all! Kudos for letting that shit play out. It’s so painful to watch… “It’s like a crap shoot!” LMFAO!! The Daffy Duck spot has to be one of the very best of the year! As always, great, GREAT endings!

    You should check out the Pepe Gomez & Karate Kid vs. Lord Littlebrook & Little Tokyo from the “Old School” Dec. 6, 1986 Boston Garden show on the Network. Not sure if the fucked up finish of that match has made the show yet, but it deserves a looksee! Here’s the link:

  • Jeff Packmann

    i hope they fired whoever handled the tv production on that NWA 70th anniversary PPV (i think they hired Jeff Jarrett’s company for production. No wonder it was so shoddy) .. matches were great tho.