Blocked from Dailymotion (no, really)


Old Ned by Ron Grainer (Steptoe & Son)

High Hydraulics… for “Stardust Speedway Zone: Act 1” by Tee Lopes & Falk Au Yeong (Sonic Mania)

Get Royally Fucked! by BotanicSage

Woods Area by Mark Miller (Kid Chameleon)

ToeJam Jammin’ by John Baker (ToeJam & Earl)

Thanks To…

The Blue Meanie for the fabulous intro

Adam Nedeff for the bad jobber

Tuftguy and Thealbert1216 on Twitter for the Enzo footage

Lolemite_MF and douceyd for the indie table

Jimmy Gatewood for the other indie table

Legitjamiejones for the other other indie table

Ian Hamilton for the CZW clip

Dan Barry for er the Dan Barry clip

Hash Bro Jones for the Cobb clips

Luchablog for that slow AA guy

everybody on twitter for PCO

GameBoyzUK for the Enzo Bel Air clip

Colt Cabana for the bird jerichocruise clip

BennettTheSage for Dumber and Balls

Jayteekay2015 for Becky Lynch ending

badgirlmonkey for Seth Rollins vs Oblivion NPCs

Evilegend for Dean Ambrose Wild Ride Game Over

RandoChris for the weird Miz ending

DaveClaxton2 for the monkey ending

S1TBD for AJ Styles Low Blows Set To Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture


I know Triple H got injured during the tag match, I’m not mocking that. Everything else about that match is fair game though, holy shit. Roy Jones Jr. has more dignity in 2018 than those four, currently the most botched match of the year for me with Kane’s mask falling off, HBK’s no-catch moonsault and the HHH/Undi Irish Whip.

Evolution ended up being one of the best WWE shows of the year due to the last three matches delivering (even The Bellas) which is more than can be said for Crown Jewel, an event so bad WWE would prefer to mention Buck Zumhofe before Saudia Arabia again.

I’ve used the GET ROYALLY FUCKED song before but it’s so damn catchy and I never miss an episode of MaiNinja’s Salt series. I’m positive I’ve used Toejam Jammin’ too but music-wise I’m biding my time until Smash Ultimate’s OST gets leaked because nearly everything good has been used over the last twelve (jesus) years.

The Eddie Gilbert vs jobber match can be found on NWA World Championship Wrestling 12/10/88

A bunch of people sent their version of Take On Me/Fuck On Me but none of them slowed the audio to match the dramatic chorus so they looked nice but sounded crap. I’m not ungrateful but when it’s important to the fun-ness of the idea then it’s gotta be fixed or done myself.

RandoChris apparently made his video under the influence of drugs. As opposed to all the tee-total people making the others.

It’s been four long weeks since the last video, I know that’s basically an eternity in wrestling/youtube years but my life is a lot busier than it used to be I’m afraid. I work full-time and my spare time has been less spare due to the joys of the outside world and also buying a Switch to beat up Super Mario Odyssey. So part of me is sorry for the wait but the other half of me isn’t, because I’m not wasting my time outside of this (apart from doing those fucking ‘walk in a circle’ challenges on SMO, they’re almost as bad as the sheep walking bits.)

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

The Blue Meanie can be found on Twitter

WWE Network is still around so you can watch all the Mae Young moonsaults

PROGRESS Wrestling and their hard-ass British tables can be found here

OTT Redemption can be watched/bought from their pivotshare

BOLA 2018 is now buyable from Highspots

AIW have a lovely site with Sabu and PCO

AAA is around somehow with a YouTube

I think CZW is still around, I only watch what people send me

That’s your lot, thanks a lot Windjammers and I’ll see you at Botchamania 378 (ETA March 2019).

  • Oh man, the Super Dragon, Bryan as a monkey, and the AJ getting hit in the nuts ending is great. Crown Jewel aka Sweet Saudi Money 2: Electric Boogaloo, thank God I didn’t watch that shit.

    Enzo needs to die. He’s just not interesting at all.

  • tony

    could you tell me the source of the soup dragon ending? I mean, um, it’s not like I’m going to watch some old British stop-motion kids’ movie at 2am because I find it soothing….but a friend of mine might

    • Mr A

      It’s from a show called “The Clangers.”

  • FilmJenkins, from YouTube

    Send for… THE MAN
    Well done!

    • Epilef

      I didn’t get that one, captain.
      Could you explain it to me?

      • FilmJenkins, from YouTube

        I guess I can’t

        • Epilef

          Oh, I got it now!
          The woMAN TAG TEAM
          (You can call me Slow Poke Rodriguez)

  • Broken M

    It has been a very hard year for AJ Style’s penis.

    • ViewtfulHero

      Hard times daddy.

    • Daniel Woods

      The gay community are in uproar.

  • Brandon-Jacob Parolisi

    FINALLY, the Botchamania To Determine The Best In The World!

  • Fuck on me.

    Shots to AJ’s nuts.

    I laughed. Hard.

  • Brandon-Jacob Parolisi

    They sync up all of AJ’s low-blows to a Tchaikovsky epic…. and they choose the 1812 Overture rather than the Nut-Cracker Suite.

  • I recommend VGEmpire if you want some out there but godlike game music, the October episodes are about stuff on the Genesis/Mega Drive like El Viento and Alisa Dragoon, good stuff.

    Also, Carlito and the bird is a thing of pure beauty, holy shit what a coincidence.

  • ColeYote

    Ah, Crown Jewel. Featuring a World Cup with no non-Americans. Which was won by a man who didn’t even enter the tournament. Immediately followed by a main event where the four competitors had been in a combined seven matches since WrestleMania. One of whom hadn’t wrestled since 2010.

    WWE bookers are so clueless.

    • ViewtfulHero

      WWE bookers are so clueless.

      You mean Vince McMahon is clueless.

    • Everything’s Coming Up Jimbob

      That was the Jericho Cruise, I believe

  • Adako

    Ey mate I marked the fuck out for the Clangers.

  • Tritian

    @ 5:00 in… if the dude didnt fkin hold onto the ropes with his hands, and a foot for a second… then maybe he wouldnt of got his damn head/neck snapped across the edge of the table lol

  • ViewtfulHero

    nearly everything good has been used over the last twelve (jesus) years.

    Time to use Sonic CD Maff (and yes I know you don’t like it).

  • Joseph Daoud

    I literally clapped for the orchestra ending

  • Lando Griff

    That Soup Dragon had me crying 不不不不不

  • Everything’s Coming Up Jimbob

    I was a but disappointed by the small amount of Crown Jewel (I honestly expected this video to be ALL Crown Jewel), but still great, and the AJ ending was just nuts

  • motorheadbanger

    Simply amazing… This may be the best of 2018 thus far! That final 1812 Overture montage was a thing of beauty! I may be in the minority but I don’t get why the “fuck on me” is so funny outside of the story. Having said that, that was a good ending. Keep up the great work!!

  • Khaell

    Why the fuck do you need a life for? Give up on that and create more content. That’s your mission in this world, son. Please and thank you.

  • GJH

    Oh holy shit the Clangers is the best ending of all time haha

  • Epilef

    I think that the “Fuck On Me” bit is such gold that it must get a PERMANENT place in the show intro

  • Graeme Aitchison

    “That’s gotta be boss time” was pretty funny. And Becky as ‘send for the man’? Fuck yes.

  • Placid_Snake

    2:27 – nice save on the other girls’ part, though, just rolling with it and making it an improvised team move.

  • Placid_Snake

    That last ending spoke to me on a spiritual level.

  • HockeyFan13

    LMAO at the cockpunching ending.