Riding the XTC by Ichi (Oh No!)

War of the Woolies by Matt Berardo (Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind)

sparse02 by Koji Niikura (WCW vs. nWo Revenge)

Genkina Code by Kazuko Umino (Pu·Li·Ru·La)

Thanks To…

Big Fudge and Unsocial Jordan for the fabulous intro

all of Henry T. Grodd’s mates for Henry T. Grodd dying

GIFSKull on Twitter for practically doing this for me at this point

some guy on twitter for the Mike Rotundo promo

tons of people for the MLW tables but i’ll credit ProWres Matt because he’s always cheerful

Ashley Dunn for his own clip

Joseph Hubley for the AIW clip

that one guy on the BM FB for noticing I didn’t include the Evolution clip, thanks anon

Ian Hamilton for the Onita table and the Rev Pro Aussie Open stuff

the whole universe for pointing out KSI (famous youtuber with about a billion more followers than myself give or take) referenced botchamania in a diss track

KSI for dissing a track

Dosdossolodos and dark92 enigma for the Chile table. Chile is always sending clips in, Muchas Gracias!

Jordynne Grace for the mule kick and also for getting engaged, congrats

Emil Jay for Teddy Long falling over

Blog Of Doom for AWA commentary. ”Oh!”

Possibly MJF for his own commentary, I didn’t ask him if he wanted credit

Matty Mayhem for Deano The Ref’s counting. He even did his own editing and saved me a job!

SPW for sending in that awesome footage themselves

Michael Yurko for the Tom & Jerry ending

Lance Madewell for Lashley’s ass ending

Lunar Femmes for the Matilda ending

HVFCaveman for the Samoa Joe music ending

Connell Costello for The New Daniel Bryan ending

TotallyNotLewis for the All In ending

Stephen Barnes for the Father Ted ending

Gorakk for the Raw overtime ending

doctrine_darksol for Simpsons Adjacent ending

Somegaveall for the grape lady ending

RetepAdam for Super Mario 64 ending

Lunch Break Kid for the Hacksaw Jackson ending


It was heard on the grap-line that AJ Styles got into a heated argument with the ref after the Starrcade match which is why the show abruptly ends after a quick pose from AJ, so the rules may not matter to YOU dear viewer but they mean a lot to The Face That Used To Run The Place

The ref in the AAA match was Rudo but so were Blue Demon Jr. and Kross so I have no fucking clue what was going on there

If you’ve sent a Simpsons ending and are surprised to not see it here, it’s because sometimes you have mix it up with other things. I know that’s rich from me but people on the BM FB are quick to point out that there’s a lot of it and you have to listen to people (when it works for you)

Yeah another 4-week gap since the last video. I don’t think I can stress how little a life I had when I started doing these but now there’s a lot of wrestling to watch and a lot of stuff to do in my life (partner, shoot job, not being a sad cunt) that I don’t apologise for the wait as it means I’m being productive elsewhere. So yeah, it’s your fault for believing in me from 2008 rather than me from 2018

I’ll be heading to OTT for Homecoming in February but fingers crossed there’ll be another video released before then. But just in case, see you at the basketball arena thing

And just as I uploaded this onto Patreon, I got told WWE is doing something called Botch Club on the Network with Gallows & Anderson

List Of Wrestling Companies And Where To Find Them…

Big Fudge and his amazing video skills can be found here and Unsocial Jordan can’t be found cos he’s dead

WWE Network is still around so you can TLC and the worst Ambrose vs Rollins match ever

Wrestle Island (the one with Henry T. Grodd falling off the cliff) can be found here

Major League Wrestling is every week is becoming a big deal cos they’re feuding with ROH over who they can sign quicker

AIW have a lovely site where tables sometimes break

unlike the majority of the rest of the show, AAA’s youtube works

OTT uploaded WALTER vs Ospreay for free on their YouTube

KSI’s Youtube can be found here so go sub as he’s onyl got 19 million subscribers

Rev Pro are on TV (like real TV) but also have an On Demand which may be easier for some

Pro Wrestling Eve have a site that piledrives fascists

Game Changer Wrestling are still amazing, here’s their FB page to prove it

SPWNZ and their fine documentary can be found here and here

  • OK in all seriousness. Best Botchamania opening ever. I lost my shit on that moment. The Baron Corbin ending was great as was Simpson Hard Times and Hacksaw Michael Jackson.

    It’s good to know that we have Botchamania to bring people of all continents around the world. Gracias Chile.

  • Adrián Vidal

    hermosoooo ver a chile en el vid…. sorry just a latino follower since botchamania 1 😀

    • Here Comes The Nerd

      la raja

  • Erik Chabek

    Love the Kane – Intellivision reference ending!

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  • hello please re-upload to vimeo, thx..

    • WWE just killed the upload as their new thing is now going to try and bury Botchamania. Fuck WWE.

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    annnd only the you tube video now plays. No video on second link server error on the 3rd.

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    LOL at FPSRussia.

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    Just finished watching this, was fuckin hilarious! But i dont get the two daniel bryan ending vids…

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    All the links are down for 378. Please repost it!