Crash Man Stage by Nintendo (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Gang-Plank Galleon by ACE (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Stage Birdie by Syun Nishigaki (Street Fighter Alpha 2)

Run, Jump, Throw! 2 by Naoto Kubo, Shiho Fujii, Koji Kondo (Super Mario Odyssey)

sparse01 by Koji Niikura (WCW vs. nWo Revenge)

Thanks To…

Kris Levin & Homicide for the fabulous intro

DivaInsider for Asuka’s house show dlip

anon for the image of corey graves

Stive Boutet for Maxim Lemire

shakha for pointing out I missed Natalya’s talking from TLC

M0RL3Y09 for Pac messing up and breaking my heart

GIFSkull for the milk box

Eric Sturrock for Ring Warriors

thebplusplayers and Joseph Jubley for the table no-break spot

foskul for the no-breaking table

Ryan Sudol for doing the I AM THE TABLE shout and saving me a job

ilikejason for tricking meltz

Christian Cavaddhu Gangeri for Strauss

Art0Donnell for vape HONK vape

Nayim K for AJ Against The Machine

doctrine_darksol for Wrestling Adjacent 2

Tri.Moon for the Mean Gene video he did years ago thought I though would be apropos (and that don’t mean you’re digging around the dirt with farm implements baby)


Impact Homecoming was sweet, even better than the last one they did. Sadly because of twats like me, the thing that people are talking about is the end spot and the guys from Survivor. Life sucks.

Hey the first NEVER MIND THAT SHIT HERE COMES MONGO in years, thanks WWE Network!

I’ve been informed Sasha Banks hit the spot as she intended, she just wants to prove she’s a hard-working motherlover. Banks if you’re reading this: PEOPLE LIKE YOU, STOP DYING.

Yeah, fan cam footage. Botchamania has resorted to house show footage from 1994, further proof I’m about to be taken outside and shot by Gallows & Anderson.

As people have been asking: no I don’t intend to stop doing these because Botch Club has been announced. There’s been no letter, e-mail or knock on the door from Stamford so until that happens I’m going to botch away until I run out of Simpsons references or video game music, whichever happens first.

List Of Wrestling Companies And Where To Find Them…

Impact Homecoming was good (no really, it was) and can be found here

WWE Network is still around so you can Braun & Brock not interact

Major League Wrestling is every week and is becoming a big deal cos they’re feuding with ROH over who they can sign quicker

XZW have a FaceBook and they’re Canadian!

AAW are still redefining wrestling and wrecking arenas

AIW have a lovely site where tables sometimes break

Game Changer Wrestling are still amazing, here’s their FB page to prove it

Ring Warriors’ Twitter is here

Riptide Wrestling have a working site and a broken ring

That’s your lot, see you after Rumble!

  • belovedwarlord

    I miss Rik.

  • That Daft Fuck on Me video was awesome but not as funny as the Animal Farm/Scott Steiner clip. R.I.P. Mean Gene. That Alundra Blayze botch made me laugh.

    Fuck Botch Club. Let’s show support for AEW.

  • tony

    Maffew, have you been in contact with AEW’s lawyers to ensure that you’ll be able to show their clips in future Botchamanias? Might want to settle that now so that they can’t suddenly start playing hardball with you in May

  • Angel Camacho

    I see that Botch Club thing less like Botchamania and more like Tosh.0.

    Can we agree that Cody’s “Fuck On Me” was the best sound byte of 2018. XD

  • JoPo

    Bring back a “Here comes Mongo!” reference after all these years?

    Maffew is really doing his most to make sure Botch Club doesnt run away with his viewers.


  • Wow that Alundra clip, looked like she was shot down.

    A “HERE COMES MONGO” in 2019 can only mean good things. #whenspepe

  • Epilef

    Why the “f*ck on me” bit isn’t a permanent thing in the show oppening already?
    It sure deserves it!

  • Luminous

    I love the way Abyss courteously offers his hands to be tied. So realistic.

  • Well, normally we have the *opposite* problem with tables in Botchamania videos.


    Ah, *there* it is!

  • motorheadbanger

    Splendid job once again! Thanks for all the hard work! I don’t know if it was because the spot was in slow-motion or because the chop missed by a mile, but the juicebox jumping off the ropes clip had me choking I was laughing so hard. The endings, as usual, were great! Keep up the hard work!

  • Anthony Krutis

    It’s a complement when the wwe steals ideas……and cool to see some Nj guys in the intro…..

  • Placid_Snake

    Man, never thought we’d see the Mondo spot ever again. So glad it’s back!