Rival Battle: Metal Sonic “Stardust Speedway” by Naofumi Hataya (Sonic Generations)

Legs by ZZ Top

Out of Time by Motoi Sakuraba (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings

Pause Screen by David Wise (Battletoads)


Casanova Valentine for the fabulous intro

Jordan Deardorff for Thanos/Lesnar

Brett Lauderdale for the crotch-factor

sportsyellow for welsh brechu

Eddie Stone for the crotch-rope

Russell Dempster for the rope-break

1joifulchick for the TURN THE LIGHTS OFF

Ulanov Danil for the JUMPING SPIN BACK KICK no-sell smile KICK

Marcus Burke for Marcus Burke

Oliver Barrett for the guy falling off the guard-rail

juicefreak247 for the SSP heard around the world

Martin McHendry for ”token scottish voice”

stepstoolsarahx for the PARK BENCH

Rawbserver for the Cornholio ending

gapingmaws for the EVERYTHING IS OK WITH NJPW USA ending

hallicks for Andross was trying ta FUCK ON ME

mattomic for No Homer Is Truly Evil ending

shaunonsite for What Does Alicia Fox Say ending

justin shannon for 7-seven star chilli

stan the dry bear for whatever that was ending

ryan c for kickickickick

POSTMORTEMFACEFUCK and RaidenHero137 for inspiring the Camptown Races ending

genaro lobato for the Kane chair ending

Steve Williams for Homer explains Kayfabe ending

Codster for the ending graphic

Botch Club for tapping out


Royal Rumble is always a treasure trove of botch gold and this SEVEN HOUR SHOW didn’t disappoint, if I missed anything I don’t apologise. Kofi and Xavier’s double-team wasn’t botched, only one foot touched the ground (even if Xavier fell on him) but Lashley’s elimination still causes me to scratch my head. They didn’t show a replay as I think Rollins was expecting Lashley to go all the way over, Lashley realised no help was coming so he let go like the guy in the wheelchair from Alien Resurrection.

Rather than type endlessly about such an important show, you’ll be able to catch me on OSW Review which I will be doing/podcasting as you read this so check that out when it goes live!

Steve Williams’ ”Homer explains Kayfabe” ending is HOF-worthy, holy shit.

List Of Wrestling Companies And Where To Find Them…

WWE Network is still around so you can Braun & Brock not interact

Game Changer Wrestling are still amazing, here’s their FB page to prove it

Almost Pro Wrestling have a FBand a YT channel

Fest Wrestling also have a FB and a YouTube

Limitless Wrestling’s Let’s Wrestle has a website

Ethan Page’s Egos Amigos can be found on the best $9.99 in the business, Highspots

AAA Triplemania can probably be viewed in Hell. Or twitch, whichever.

That’s your lot, here’s your Botchamania Twitter and FaceBook and I’ll catch you Windjammers soon. Take care and keep hydrated.

  • Broken M

    Do a google search for “Botch Club”. Google will ask if you meant “Bitch Club”. I think someone at google likes you Maffew.

  • Wow, who knew that the only thing that could make Botchamania even better wouldn’t be more botches but more Simpsons?!

    I’m not in the boat of: “I think the show has been going downhill since x” I’ve consistently been a fan but, holy shit this is propbly one of my favorite episodes with my favorite ending since the Roman Anime. Props!

  • belovedwarlord

    That Lisa Simpson ending seems broken, like it’s missing a scene, but the last Homer one was great.

  • ColeYote

    That was an excellent accidental Death Valley Driver by Charlotte on Nia.

  • “Wrestling is a lot like a refrigerator – they both task Bobby Heenan, they…fail to stop Hulk Hogan from doing what he wants…”

  • That Depeche Mode/Tazz thing was awesome but the Simpsons Botchamania endings are great. The one with the Kane music killed me.

  • ulanov danil

    That Depeche Mode/Tazz ending made me laugh 😀

  • “Sick” Nick Mondo – CZW Legend

    No most botched matches 2018?

  • There was a moment an hour into the pre-show when I think Carly Caruso was suppose to tell you how to get the event, but Lio Rush wouldn’t shut up long enough for her to get it out.

    She looked kind of exasperated, like she was being chewed out from off-camera.

  • logstrain

    oh mothefucker this was the funniest shit in like 10 years. I salute you maffew youve topped yourself. HOpe its this good on the rewatch and not because im hugh as fuck. remember to live as a windjammer as fuck

  • motorheadbanger

    Wow… That Homer ending may be the best one yet!! Though I must admit the Kane ending had me choking on my water. I don’t know why, but that ending had me rolling. Well, I do know why, I’m an asshole!! HA! Another great BM, Maffew! Thanks to all for the hard work! Keep it up!

  • Luminous

    That Simpsons ending was wonderful. I’m in tears.

  • Stephen Crane

    I laughed out loud when the big guy broke the rope and when the Brain said “he got 435 of it” about Juventud Guerrera.


  • HockeyFan13

    The Depeche Mode/Tazz thing had me in stiches… well done.

  • Placid_Snake

    That Garfield Wrestling Observer skit is distressingly accurate with many fans.