Dear Falling Angel by Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan (The King of Fighters ’99)

Sheep on the Run by Howard Drossin (Manx TT SuperBike)

Cooperation by Sesame Street

Thanks To…

Effy for the fabulous intro

will B for the clip of the aborted backdrop

Lucky Ali for himself

The Coach Kid for a series of unfortunate neck-falls

Mattick85 for the puke

Cain McCoy for the Cena table

Dallas Troy for the other table

Joey Allen for the other other table

FunkNTonyDodge for the other other other table

Damon Knight for the other other other other table

Ian Hamilton for the PROG table and about 10 other things

steve williams for the Bret Hart ending

raven cyram for the Sponegebob ending

coke ibushi for the lamb ending

AsianA3AN for the dancing vince ending

Athleticgeek89 for the futurama ending

ayputangina for the Mafia ending

Wrestling Memes for the Lacey evans ending

RaldyV for the Ass Man ending

Hallicks for that one music video ending

iamcharleschase for the MST3K ending


I used Dear Falling Angel years ago but I’ve used pretty much all the good video game music and it’s better to repeat some songs (or use different versions) rather than resort to Barbie’s Magic Adventure for the SNES or something.

Elimination Chamber didn’t have much in the way of botches, I miss the days of Ziggler calling spots like an auctioneer or Kalisto climbing the ceiling with no plan. Thanks for helping Graves.

Effy sent me that intro about two years ago but I didn’t know much about him. If I’d known he was such a big deal I’d have continued to not use it.

I don’t think Rousey’s crossbody dive on Raw was THAT bad, feel free to disagree. I have a weird logic for things like that, if she misses an elbow by a mile then that’s fair game but a sloppy crossbody that connects with it’s target? I’ll allow it, it’s not synchronised swimming.

The Cooperation song will never not amuse me, I should probably diversify it with the Teamwork song from Reading Rainbow but here we are. The only other time I’ve seen Teddy vs. Pentagon had the same issues so I don’t know if it’s a communication issue or if they’re just fucking with us.

It’s been ages since CZW and JESUS, I actually forgot I covered TOD from last year haha.

This video was pretty much done last week but there was sod-all WWE footage and these videos without Raw clips is like NXT without DIY, Ricochet and Black.

What do you mean you don’t like that Sheep on the Run song?

List Of Wrestling Companies And Where To Find Them…

Effy can be found wherever good wrestlers are sold

WWE Network is still around, I forget how much it costs though

Juggalo Championship Wrestling can be followed here (watch out for the FBI though)

SMASH Wrestling run events where things happen as planned

WRESTLE-1 has a website and Google Translate

McAloon Productions can be followed here

PROGRESS has all your ENDVR and hard table needs

Major League Wrestling can be found for all your shoot-fight desires

ATTACK PRO’s Vimeo is right here

Impact and Kid Ref can be found here

Defiant Wrestling’s YouTube is right here

CZW can be clicked here (just remember to yell JESUS as you do it)

That’s your lot, here’s your usual social media links to ignore and I’ll catch you Windjammers soon.

Take care and put pineapple on your pizza.

  • G-Walla

    Is there a Don’t Fuck On Me shirt?

  • Wow, I guess the tables decide to go into business for themselves. Who can blame them? That “I Want to Break the Table” is hilarious. The Bret Hart/Simpsons clip is great as is Becky as a lamb. The Ass-man clip is hilarious.

    Mean Gene corpsing over Flair wanting to ride Konnan hard…. that killed me. I miss you Mean Gene.

  • Aw, no more downloading from Vimeo? Is that a choice or just a Vimeo thing? =(

  • Matthew Maynard Adams

    LOL at that Oz clip.

  • bad b

    Ironically you botched to spell the RavenCyarm’s name

  • Leo Grant

    I used Dear Falling Angel years ago but I’ve used pretty much all the good video game music and it’s better to repeat some songs (or use different versions) rather than resort to Barbie’s Magic Adventure for the SNES or something.

    Use Sonic CD…..yes I know you don’t like it.

  • Benny

    Hala Beefcake is the greatest name for a tag team i heard in a while.

  • Zanon

    I lost my shit at that “I want to break the table” part. The ending was top notch as well.

  • AwelCruiz

    Not to be that guy, but you forgot about Kharma being in the Rumble.

  • Placid_Snake

    Dear Triple H: if you’re going to grow out your beard this long, make sure to groom it, oil it and generally take care of it so it doesn’t just look like moldy growths. Thank you.

  • Placid_Snake

    Can I just say, I love the design of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion belts? I have really not liked the uniformisation of the belt designs, epsecially with how terrible I found the generic not-quite-diamond-shaped design, but these belts look fantastic and are a great example of a modern design that still looks properly regal.

  • Brian

    The “what can i say except YOU SUCK” line killed me! 🤣😂