Devil Trigger (Truongasm mix) by Casey Edwards feat. Ali Edwards (Devil May Cry 5)

Mega Man 4 Medley by Jun Senoue (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Casino Night: Act 1 by Naofumi Hataya (Sonic Generations)

Thanks To…

New wXw Unified Champion Bobby Gunns for the fabulous intro

truongasm for that amazing DMC/Missy Elliot mash-up

ecclectic_nerd for making the SEND FOR THE MAN sign on Smackdown Live

FayeJackson419 for the bad table

Civil Fandon for the Sendai Girls table

Jerry Lynn for showing the only part of the film that hasn’t already aired on WWE TV

Will Greyson for A-Kid

luchablog for the Sabu CRASH footage

The Broken Prince for the thing

Will Ospreay for tweeting about something we wouldn’t have known about if he hadn’t tweeted it

Misiman23 for the Spice Girls ending everybody went mental over

OsakanDestroyer for AHHH ending

iamcharleschase for belts

Elijah Grimes for the South Park ending

Velveteenqween for the Thatcher ending

ilovejason for tits

StanTheDryBear for even more Daveposting

Richard “retweeted by Austin” Tubman for the Stunner ending

Shanafan for Daily Affirmation ending

Kevin Banner for the Dirty Work ending idea

Steve Williams for the Flaming New Jack ending


Fast Lane was enjoyable but finding time to watch it wasn’t. I’m happy it happened just for that Tamina & Jax match.

Link for that Missy Elliot/DMC mash-up

Watched a load of early PROGRESS shows recently hence the clips of guys who are good on NXT UK in 2019 but a bit sloppy way back when

The two guys discussing I AM THE TABLE are from True Geordie and they were evaluating KSI’s diss track at the time where he declares himself the table. If you’re here because of KSI, Hi Guys! This is it, sorry!

People told me The Street Profits started at the top left but then after entrances, Moustache Mountain decided to tag from there so presumably they had that spot planned and couldn’t figure a way out to do it from the corner they were tagging from. Weird.

I wouldn’t have put the NXT UK tag pin in but the UK crowd’s ”AHHHH!!” reaction makes it.

List Of Wrestling Companies And Where To Find Them…

Bobby Gunns can be found wherever good wrestlers are sold

WWE Network is still around, watch out for spoilers though

PROGRESS has all your young wrestler needs

Impact Homecoming and weird 619s can be found here

Defiant Wrestling’s YouTube is right here

Fight Club Pro can be found here

The Crash can be followed here

ICW’s On Demand can be clicked here

Sendai Girls have a pivotshare

wXw Now can be found here

Steve-O on Joe Rogan can be found here

That’s your lot, here’s your usual social media links to ignore and I’ll catch you Windjammers soon. Take care and remember tuna is an acceptable pizza topping.

  • How much of Meekmahan’s cum has Corey Graves been drinking lately? Seriously, he’s become a joke. That “It’s me Austin” thing was hilarious as was the way Scott Hall sold that stunner. That killed me.

  • TheLX

    Awesome episode, with how laughable their content has been for a while now, Botchamania is one of the few ways to make it edible for me.

    Also, I’m gonna be that guy and just mention that the big booby woman in one of the endings is Hitomi Tanaka (based on internet etiquette, there must be at least one person who will ask about it, so I’ll answer in advance)

    • Epilef

      So, just to fulfill this internet tradition, I shall ask retroactively:
      Who’s the big booby woman in the ending? My dog is asking…

  • Luminous

    Loved the Batista endings.

  • The Batista endings were gold. And holy shit was that women’s tag match a clunker, like you’d think none of them ever fought each other ever, not every other week on tv

    • ColeYote

      Well, I’m not sure what they expected when they put the two worst wrestlers on the women’s roster on the same team.

      • I really thought Nia had promise in NXT and she had good matches with Bayley and Asuka there, but this shit lately is just sad.

        Tbh, I’ve never seen Tamina do anything of note besides look cool in Team BAD and unfortunately that’s not saying much.

  • FacePuncher

    Great episode as usual.

    The Lashley back and forth thing seemed to me that maybe it was a rib? Seemed like McIntyre was telling him to go to Corbin and Corbin was telling him to go to McIntyre maybe making him look foolish on purpose.

    Also isnt the film called ‘fighting with my family’ not ‘fighting for my family’?

  • Trevor Bivens

    Can someone turn 7:05 into a Brie Mode clip?

  • taranaich

    “ilovejason for tits”

    She prefers Hitomi Tanaka, the Japanese national treasure that she is.

  • ColeYote

    Man, how long has it been since the last episode with Sabu fucking up the chair-to-springboard spot?

  • motorheadbanger

    Well, I’m already burned out on the Batista thing. The Spice Girls was good enough, I could’ve done without the others. The Scott Hall ending, though, was fucking great! Great work as usual! Keep it up mates!

  • I.R.Shnow

    This video does not exist.”

  • HockeyFan13

    LMAO on the Batista Spice Girls bit.