Main Theme by Sean Conran (WWF Wrestlemania, Amiga)

Artisan’s World by Stewart Copeland (Spyro the Dragon)

Basic Medals by MashupGFX

Mad Maze Maul by Grant Kirkhope (Donkey Kong 64)

I Am What I Am by Gloria Gaynor

Thanks To…

Justin Roberts for the fabulous intro

Dan Goldman for the 450 splat

RawAttitudePod for the beachball moment which I’d never even heard of before now, good call

Dave Bixenspan for the COTC V clip

Ethan Absler for the bad table uno

futuramamaforlife for bad table dos

Storm DeVogelear for bad table tres

Simon Lacroix for bad table cuatro

Pacormur for bad table cinco

wrestling with unicorns for bad table seis

Henderthegreat for filming Team Tropicana’s friendly fire

Guy Whose Name I Lost (sorry) for Davey Boy corpsing

MashupGFX for the Kurt Angle and John Cena mashup

thefoursweet for the Davis dick kick

TWMNewsUK for the Simpsons video idea for Davis dick kick

riderleangle for the Krusty crab ending

steve williams for the WWE feedback ending

eyerake for the Braun street fighter ending

kidswol for the Cole Commentary ending

charles chase for the DEMOCRACY MANIFEST and Goku ending

Jesse Maximum for the Batista Birdie Song ending


Managed to get a video inserted in between Fast Lane and Wrestlemania (which WWE probably wanted to figure out) before the onslaught of Wrestlemania weekend shows takes over the twitter feeds

No reason for putting Kitao in the intro other than him having an amazingly impressive out-of-ring career for a guy who never had a match that was remembered for just it’s in-ring quality. Shooting on Earthquake, getting KO’d by Takada, appearing in Van Damme films, fighting in UFC 9…RIP you stubborn bastard

wXw 16 Carat was one of the best events I’ve ever been to so of course I’m going to highlight the negatives. They cut out an entire spot from Night 3 so it could have been worse

I was going to use Worthless from the Brave Little Toaster for Angle 2019 because I’m a misery magnet but can appreciate how I’d be the only person to appreciate scrapyard Kurt

The Little Superstar ending may be the oldest meme/joke ever featured in Botchamania, i think the Vikings brought it to the UK when they invaded

That Brass Eye ending is satire and will definitely be taken in the spirit it was intended

Regarding Article 13 and EU, I have no idea how/if this is going to change anything but wanted to deal with this potentially life-changing political decision the same way I deal with everything: making a stupid video while trying to take a cheap-shot at What Culture

(btw there’s no heat between me and them but I know someone will tweet one of the 10,000 Adams that work there with BOTCHAMANIA BURIES WHATCULTURE because god knows everything in this video is serious and fact)

but if this is the end, it couldn’t have happened at a more anti-climatic and hilarious time than right before the biggest weekend of the year so I have to appreciate the comic timing of Article 13

List Of Wrestling Companies And Where To Find Them…

Justin Roberts can be followed here

WWE Network is still around, watch out for spoilers though

MashupGFX’s mash-ups can be found here

OTT’s impressively quick pivotshare can be found here

PROGRESS has lots of footage of guys OTT used before they were good

Sendai Girls have a pivotshare

AAA’s youtube works until it leaves for CMLL’s youtube

wXw Now can be found here

MLW is still on YouTube (unlike the majority of these fucking videos)

PWG can be found on the best $9.99 in the business

That’s your lot, feel free to continue following and liking these related social media pages before they’re taken down forever and I get a real hobby like curling.

  • Thank you for all the years of this amazing amalgamation of stuff I love. I agree with the ironic timing because seriously these have been getting better and better especially lately.

    Shout outs to eyerake for that Braun ending tho. That’s immediately where my mind went and love that someone with ending magic did too.

  • ColeYote

    Oh my god, Fenix is bald!

    I swear Sabu gets that chair-to-springboard spot wrong at least twice as often as he gets it right.

  • If this the end (thanks a lot Brexit you stupid cunt), then thank you for giving me joy.

    • tony



      • I think he’s British.

        • tony


    • FacePuncher

      Article 13 has absolutely nothing to do with Brexit.

      • OK then. What is it about? Mind you, I’m not British. I’m from Dumb-fuck country ruined by alt-right Nazis and whiny leftists.

        • Diogenes

          Brexit is the U.K. trying to leave the E.U. Given that the U.K. already has it’s own currency, I’m not sure what the big deal is. Anyway, Article 13 is the “anti-meme” law recently passed in the E.U. If anything, Brexit would save the memes for our limey friends.

  • raVen ™

    If botchamania goes away then the simpsons will finally die. Nobody in the world watches or uses simpsons memes/clips except for maffew.

  • Lycanthrokeith

    What is Article 13, and what does it have to do with Botchamania?

  • Zanon

    “I guess not all is bad”

    You sir, win the internet.

  • Mr Coco

    too many wrestling memes in middle of edit. just save them for the end.

  • Placid_Snake

    Okay, a luchador getting a replacement mask from a fan who had bought one as merchandise earlier is the kind of hilarious bullshit I love pro wrestling for.

  • YoYoshi

    Does anyone know the name of the song / video game that starts at 1:12 in the video? Thank you.