Ending (Part 2) by Matt Furniss (The Lost Vikings, Mega Drive)

You’re The Best Around by You’re The Best Around

Monkey Smash by Grant Kirkhope (Donkey Kong 64)

Match BGM #1 by Chris Granner (WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game)

Stage 6 [Tragedy of Slaughter] by Michiru Yamane (Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon)

Thanks To…

Kurtis Chapman, TK Cooper and David Starr for the fabulous intro

TheGoldenBolt for spotting The Iiconics tag

Ishan Pandita of Useless, Unsuccessful, and/or Unpopular Wrestling Memes for the “i meant the real usos” idea

Casey Echo Eichmann-Stewart for the AWF clip

GetDown90 for the 205 Live callspot

Marco Feiler for the WM callspots I didn’t hear cos it was a long show

Blackoutvtw for the spinning table dive

Ilikejason for the you are THE TABLE bit

Julian_0904 for sending the Big Cass clip

briantheguppie for inspiring the angle/lacey bit

Joana Morais for the CZW ‘lever’

the missing joe experience for suggesting the quiet/riot/poison/ratt bit

GameBoyzUK for the Paige Here ending

Chris Leslie for the Fuck On me ending

Charles Chase for the Family Guy ending

Steve Williams for the NJPW/Simpsons ending that better not get this video taken down


yeah yeah, cole isn’t really saying SHIT OUT POWERBOMB but he’s got that J.R. throat at the minute and I’m going to take advantage of it

the Iiconics always sound like they’re 2 seconds away from losing it on camera so to actually see it happen is beautiful

i hope “pulling a hawk” becomes the standard term for walking into a a live promo in honour of the Vader interview

this is the second half of the Wrestlemania Weekend Indie Show catch-up as I know indie shows are about as a popular as badger-baiting with half the people that still watch these so it’s good to spread them out. Special Thanks to Ian Hamilton & Arnold Furious for watching every single one of them

oh and BLACKCRAFT WRESTLING. They weren’t the only company to have issues at Wrestlemania (IPW:UK still haven’t released their rope-killing show) but they were certainly the ones to have the most during one event. It’s not often you get the building owners trying to remove people while a show is still on so thanks for going the extra mile Blackcraft and I’m sorry i keep calling you Blackheart

people have been requesting a Becky vs. Charlotte Too Many Cooks ending but given WWE’s track record these past few months, i need to make sure they actually do the match they advertised first

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  • greg quiles

    im sorry but Kevin Owens Fat Bottomed Girls dance made me spit water at my computer, cause the Bisexual superman would be proud. RIP FREDDIE


    • That Kevin Owens/Queen piece was great.

      • greg quiles

        Freddie is laughing in heaven rocking out with Robin Williams and Andy Kaufman

        Plus Michael Jackson was dancing to the song.


        • Oh, I could imagine Freddie, Dusty, Andy Kaufman, Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, and so many others laughing their ass off.

  • Broken M

    Anyone know if there are any still active Sincaramania videos anywhere? Thanks in advance.

  • Aside from the Queen/Kevin Owens and Simpsons/NJPW, the Fuck on Glee bit was awesome.

  • tony

    that entire Blackcraft segment was absolutely hysterical, thank you maffew (clap clap clapclapclap)

  • Tri gets all my simpy for what the machine has done

  • Epilef

    I can’t help but wonder what if Wrestlemania had a, lets say, 3 and a half hour long curfew.
    With all the epic entrances (Taker icluded), it would be a blast to watch.

    (sorry for the bad english)

  • JoPo

    After watching the Von Erichs documentary on Viceland I’m glad Botchamania was here to make me laugh with wrestling again.

  • So was there a reason Blackcraft Wrestling started their show so late?

  • DutchSanta

    That looked like Nicol Bolas’ horns on that shield

  • Placid_Snake

    That clip of Hawk being shocked to realize he’s on screen will never stop being funny to me.