Taitania by Kozue Ishikawa, Yumiko Kanki (Star Fox 2)

Lunar Land by Richard Ede (Wiz ‘n’ Liz, Amiga)

That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings

Stage Zangief by Shun Nishigaki, Setsuo Yamamoto, Tatsuro Suzuki (Street Fighter Alpha 2)

Thanks To…

Wheeler Yuta for the fabulous intro

brothermort for Suwama vs Takashi Yoshida

Marcus Burke for the rumble

fromAMMO for the Nate Webb slip

_zoipi for RIOT AnnIVersary set attack

LJ Brand, harrisonbourne5 and his mates for the apron table

the guy that runs the HighSpotsNetwork twitter for uploading highlights of Superstars Of Wrestling 2

CharlieAJJJones for spotting the WWE editing

Steve Guy for the Johnny Gargano photo

Gustavo Fajardo for Champons

MeltzerSaidWhat for the Valentine/Warrior/Tony clip

Takahata101 for being a Canadian

michael pepsiplunge_ for Art Attack ending

richard xavier for the simpsons network ending

falbo benjamin for the IT ending

lord shtark for the FUCK ON ME ending that I never tire of

steve williams for the S Is for Sheiky-Baby ending



I ended up keeping that Richard Xavier ending for so long that I lost all contact details for the guy, I’d usually check with someone before editing their video but it originally focused on the USA Network but Smackdown is on Fox now so I adjusted

I didn’t include the Fenix head-flop from Impact because it looked too brutal to me and I should probably be avoiding featuring clips that make you go OH FUCK IS HE DEAD. I’m full of shit as the other lucha clip in this video is pretty gnarly but luchadores are made of stress balls so they were fine

The Botch Club bits are purely to entertain, I’d hate for people to think I’m here going BOOO HOOO WWE RIPPED ME OFF for real. I still think Gallows & Anderson are cool but as soon as they mess up on TV again (if they’re allowed back on) then they’re dead

There’s many examples of stories from wrestler’s books/blogs that haven’t been spoken about in interviews so he idea of having someone do the voiceover so I can make a video out of it is a new one, please let me know if this works for you or not because I’ll likely try it again.


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WWE Network is still around, unsure how long Lars Sullivan will be

wXw’s video service is called wXwNow so you can watch wXw NOWW

Major League Wrestling is every week and only an hour long

RIOT Wrestling can be found here, in Spain!

CMLL’s YouTube can subscribed here

HighspotsNetwork for that crappy Superstars of Wrestling 2 show

Game Changer Wrestling’s stuff is right here

Takahata101 can be twitched here

Starrcast II is happening in Las Vegas on May 23-26 and it’ll feature me being co-opted while getting high with Ron Funches & X-Pac and watching wrestling (they’ll be doing all the work, I’ll be getting them water and carrying bags)


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  • greg quiles



    8 OUT OF 10


  • Zachary Ortiz

    Maffew, don’t let people bother you. You have every right to be pissed at Anderson & Gallows for ripping you off. I hope they never get released!

  • Seriously, that Canadian reader was awesome. I feel bad for Gallows & Anderson although they never should’ve left New Japan in the first place. WWE made them look like a joke and then tried to compete with you. That was a bad idea.

    The Simpsons/WWE Network thing is spot-on while the Iron Sheik ending was great.

    R.I.P. Silver King.

    • Gakke

      That was Taka, of DBZ Abridged fame! I shit a live donkey when I realized. It totally ruined my apartment.

  • Luminous

    That Mario + Triple H ending was absolutely amazing. I haven’t laughed like this in a long time.

  • Haas Funk

    Lose the canadian. The segment was -*****

  • Stop throwing rocks at my house made of 205Live

  • Zanon

    Maffew vs The Good Brothers on a Botch Off Video Editing Contest at WM in 2020.

    Book it Hunter!

  • Broken M

    Team Sonic Racing’s full soundtrack got leaked to the internet. Good stable of music to use in future vids.

  • JoPo

    As a Canadian I can vouch for that accent. We all sound like that!

  • Epilef

    The canadian part was awesome.

  • ColeYote

    This episode reminds me, guy was on Reddit today and pointed out WWE has 56 main roster wrestlers that haven’t had a match in the last two weeks. Granted seven of them are hurt, five or six show up without having matches and Big Show’s a part-timer, but there’s still a lot of absentees on each main show. Why in the fuck did they introduce the wild card BS if they’ve got that many people they just aren’t using? I mean god, a lot of them haven’t even been seen since WrestleMania!