Stage Chun Li by Shun Nishigaki, Setsuo Yamamoto, Tatsuro Suzuki (Street Fighter Alpha 2)

Title Tune by Richard Ede (Wiz ‘n’ Liz, Amiga)

Eladard by Kozue Ishikawa, Yumiko Kanki (Star Fox 2)

Thanks To…

RJCity & Frank The Clown for the fabulous intro

Smokey Bear for the fan cam of Brock killing a dude

ReneusMeister for the AND I FOR ONE WELCOME AEW inspiration

OMGitsD4N13L for PROGRESS’ Aerostar

Erik Veszelka for the killer indie

Ian Hamilton for Beyond coast-to-coast

BAHU FMW for the WMF clip

Mark Ptasnik for the NWL

Winwood for the Jannetty clip (love you nL)

Bix for Tom Magee vs. whatshisname

matthewmacklin for the OTT training floor

Tom Anstey aka Wrestling Memes for the chair to the head & Janela

dick tubs for some of the Barts

hunktears for inspiring the Subtext

xxshawn for another Bart

thrashpandAridh for Andre

kidswol for the Steaks

skrongstyle for thanosureaboutthat

cultaholicedits for spongebob

__Ben_Nicol__ for more Bart

megadrivecustom for even more Bart

steve williams for Simpsons that wasn’t Bart


Well Vegas treated me very well and a big, big thank you to everyone who showed up or said hello. I’m pretty much recovered from the food and edibles but rather than type up some stuff that will be read by three people, I’m going to talk about it while streaming games (probably Gungeon) as I enjoy the sound of my own voice, that way if three people are watching then at least I’m having fun.

Boy, those refs at MITB had a great night keeping me busy. Those fuckers needed VAR.

Jim Ross was better than expected but because the universe needs to be in balance, Other Guy looked and sounded like he was on camera for the first time ever. Excalibur was his usual knowledgeable self and I didn’t even hear him call Jericho “Generico” until people told me.

Did I mention Double Or Nothing was cool yet? I’m not bragging about being flown out, I just wanna make it clear they wined me and dined me so you know you’re getting a very biased opinion. You think I’m going to say anything negative about them after that? Joke’s on them, I’d have sang their praises for a Pot Noodle. We’ll know how much they actually like Botchamania depending on how long this video stays online.

There was a lot of Bart in this episode, but that’s to strike while the iron is hot. Or luke-warm as it’s been a week since the explosion of them on twitter.

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  • tony

    that dude missing the coast-to-coast by 10 feet made me legit LOL

  • Tased’s Hunny Bunny

    Who knew Frankie the Clown is also Jonah from Superstore?

  • Mordecai Vertecimes

    No DQ doesn’t mean Falls Count Anywhere. The rules of a steel cage match are the same as a normal match except for two things : first, in addition to pinfalls or submissions, you can also win by escaping the cage and second, there are no disqualifications. The rules for the pinfall are still the same and so the pinfall (or submission) must happen inside the ring. The ropes are considered to be outside the ring hence the rope break rule. No DQ doesn’t mean there are no rope breaks, that’s what Falls Count Anywhere is for.

    • Leo Grant

      Still pretty damn stupid to have rope breaks in a cage.

    • Zanon

      Technically, the rope breaks count to break pinfalls and submissions. If the submission holder doesn’t break the submission hold, they get counted out and disqualified, correct?

      So one would assume that in a match where No DQ rules are in effect, rope breaks for anything wouldn’t count either, seeing a submission holder / wrestler performing the pinfall isn’t going to be penalized anyway – and WWE has had many occasions where, in a steel cage (and I think in an Elimination Chamber match too?) a wrestler had to break their submission hold because the opponent reached the ropes.

      Yes, rope breaks are there to limit where the ring is for the purpose of counting falls / declaring where the match should end via pinfall/submission, but imo it makes no sense to allow Rope Breaks in no DQ matches. Have the wrestlers kick out instead – makes it more dramatic and more effective – and reduce the number of pinfall attempts for instance, to make them feel much more special / relevant to the story being told.

      On the other hand, when announcing the match, the ring announcer could easily just reveal when rope breaks are allowed or not, so that this argument stops being a thing, but this is just my two cents.

  • Solomon Dy

    Damn! I was hoping to see a “Seth Rollins Corpsing” when Brock came out dancing.

  • greg quiles

    Im sorry but pat tanaka deserves a hall of fame spot cause in his 20 + years of wrestling i think that was his only botch that i ever seen. 1- for the pat tanaka botch but 10 for the laughter.

  • Zanon

    “Boy, those refs at MITB had a great night keeping me busy. Those fuckers needed VAR.”

    Never change, Maffew.

  • Raven Johnson

    Def need more WCW intro videos, that made me laugh so hard!(20:02)

  • El Pollo Guerrera

    Love the quote on the WCW banner at the very end… well, love the whole thing.