Ain’t No Grave by knightw11

Big-boned Gentleman (Final Boss Phase 1) by +TEK (Skeleton Boomerang)

Gooey Fluids …for “Chemical Plant Zone: Act 2” by Tee Lopes / Falk Au Yeong (Sonic Mania)

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Undertaker vs. Goldberg was like Shrove Tuesday for me but it turned out to be a challenge to not feel sorry for the two old fucks and even with Mario Paint blasting in the background it’s still tough so please remember THEY WERE PAID SHIT-LOADS FOR IT. Hopefully next time they compete, the Saudis can put up the money for a time machine and some Bluechew.

I put the twitter usernames of the three George Of The Jungle laughing guides because I appreciate people may not all share the above sentiment, but you’re also watching a botch compilation so even if you don’t want to admit you love seeing horrible shit happen, you can say you’re watching Botchamania/That Botch Guy/ Wrestle Botch enjoy it and in fact YOU’RE the normal one and definitely not into schadenfreude.

The Mario Paint version of Ain’t No Grave was made by knightw11, whose channel can be found here.

There’s been plenty of debate as to WHY they’d have Baron say that line but they had someone use the term “dismember” last time so eh. All I know is the Saudi shows have produced Titus Worldslide, the HBK return tag match and now Goldberg vs. Undertaker so I’m glad they’re sticking with them!

I don’t think Lacey Evans is flat-out bad, but she’s definitely mis-cast wrestling Lynch & Charlotte this early in her career, two wrestlers who have great matches with each other but tend to look like duplo trying to connect to lego with anybody else.

I agree with Meltzer and Alvarez, if Gable and Gallagher hadn’t looked sad I’d have thought that was supposed to be the finish. I mean the fucker took a German Suplex on the outside, that’s OK to lose to.

Not a lot of indie footage this time around, but that’s why I wait 2 weeks. Sometimes there’s loads of stuff and sometimes there’s fuck-all. No I AM THE TABLE for the first time in ages too, so you can tell the end is coming.

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  • belovedwarlord

    Can someone explain that Gallagher/Gable match finish to me? I don’t get why Gallagher fell then left himself no time to get in.

    • Epilef

      He was trying to be dramatic

  • That Iron Sheik ending was great while… Kurt Angle has now made me hungry for… Omaha Steaks. Yes, Lacey Evans is shit. She should’ve stayed in NXT. God, WWE is fucking shit.

  • Dead and Loving It ending so good and holy shit is that Sheik song real?!

    That Main event just made me sad and reinforced in my mind that Goldberg has never been good. But I know he’s been a danger to himself and other wrestlers way before this, accident or not he ended Bret’s career, and did the same dumb shit with DDP. Even everyone’s favorite wrestler Chris Jericho wanted to fight him for real.

    He could be a great dude now but he’s been fuck all in the ring, I blame him for that stinker with Brock too way back when.

    Hate to say it but has anyone noticed how hypocritical your favorite wrestlers have been on this? I thought the motto was “keep the other guy safe” I know those guys have protocol for injuries and such.

  • ColeYote

    Well, Goldberg mighta botched the shit out of that jackhammer, but it was a great accidental brainbuster.

  • CS 22

    The Saudi shows have made Vince and Maffew filthy rich.

  • Luminous

    The Brock Lesnar and Iron Sheik endings are wonderful.

  • Dave Barton

    Starting at 11:10, can someone tell me who the Ultimate Warrior & Scott Steiner looking dudes (both circa 1992) are?

  • RyanOD93

    God damn I love some DBZA references, isn’t that right black man?

  • motorheadbanger

    Gotta say, that Lesnar ending was a masterpiece. Bravo, Martin Billany!! Great vid, Maffew (as always)! Keep up the great work!!

  • Heidenfacts

    And while Goldberg might not be the best wrestler ever, he’s at least a decent human being. Matt Riddle on the other hand is just straight trash. What an unlikeable shithead.

  • bossk

    Alvarez is such a cunt.