No full-screen Dailymotion this time, it got rejected immediately.


Groovy Intersection …for “Stardust Speedway Zone: Act 2” by Tee Lopes / Falk Au Yeong (Sonic Mania)

Sewer Speedway by Josh Mancell (Crash Team Racing)

Title by Kinuyo Yamashita, Hiroyuki Iwatsuki (Zen Nihon Pro Wrestling)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure themes

Thanks To…

Valoween for the Eddy Guerrero & Stevie Richards image from WMXX

Andy Dalton for that dive

davidedgetv for that head-drop

Eric Shorey for making me find the DESTINEYS CHILD LESBIANS sign

thejoecadena for the rikishi bad man ending

charles chase for the whose clothesline is it anyway ending

cultaholicedits for the shield simpsons ending

JakeNiehl82 for the only stomping grounds ending i saw

XVanpa for the HIAC dude ending

stanthedrybear for the amazing IIconics ending

steve williams for the Fatal Fury Shiek ending


There’s times when I’m watching WWE and I get numb to the product and this is one of them, when even shitposting isn’t fun. These times are rare and I think they happen to everyone eventually but I had more enjoyment watching AAA’s double header (Pagano and all) than anything on TV these past two weeks. I’m not going “oh poor me having to watch Raw, it’s like going to the gas chamber” because I hate that weird attitude of being a martyr for fucking WRESTLING, just remember there’s AEW, GCW, wXw and tons of other companies out there to indulge in which is why indie/non-WWE footage will always be in these videos and that criticism is one I’ll always ignore, sorry.

Apart from NJPW as they’ll take my knee-caps if I use their footage.

“hey what’s that “annals” bit with graves/ricochet about?” ohhhh errr i have no idea no idea go away

I appreciate Rory Gulak being so nice as he was in Botchamania a ton when he was Little Mondo but has a great attitude so yay

Remember kids, all anime is bad apart from JoJo. Evangelion used to be OK until Netflix removed the gay.

Best botch of this whole episode is easily Becky’s call-spot, miss and then angry face in one segment

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

Rory Gulak is a cool guy

WWE Network for Ricochet vs. Samoa Joe at Stomping Grounds and fuck-all else

MLW is still on YouTube (unlike the majority of these fucking videos)

PROGRESS has all your Mark Davis & Dan Moloney corpsing

Rick Dee’s Nuts for uploading the Howard Stern/Mick Foley audio

CMLL’s YouTube can subscribed here

Game Changer Wrestling for your Jimmy Lloyds

Rev Pro Wrestling for your puro UK needs

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  • Daniel C

    I actually really dig the MLW one with the guy who didn’t want to be pinned. Especially since God forbid a pinfall actually result from a wrestling hold once in a while. Big thumbs up to Ariel Dominguez.

  • Rich Jaram

    this one had me wetting my knickers. I mean pants.

  • tony

    that iconic Fresh Prince scene really killed me–Maffew, you probably don’t even know how hard it hits an entire GENERATION of Americans

    it’s like our equivalent of that Blackadder World War 1 finale

  • ColeYote

    I suspect Lacey Evans is gonna be a frontrunner for WON’s Most Overrated award by year’s end. Bearing in mind that the award is functionally “most over-pushed.”

    • Leo Grant

      How is she overrated when the general consensus is that she was called up too fast and keeps being involved in some of the most awkward moments in the ring?

      I mean if they give her that Alexa Bliss push then the narrative will change but there’s always the risk they’ll just Dana Brooke her..

      • ColeYote

        Again, the award is functionally “most over-pushed”

        • Leo Grant

          Yeah compared to Charlotte whose been overpushed regularly I don’t see how Lacey could compete with that…..especially given her early gimmick was showing up to not wrestle for what three months after she got called up?

  • Leo Grant

    Evangelion used to be OK until Netflix removed the gay.

    Not to be the guy Maff but they didn’t remove it, Kaoru telling Shinji he loved him apparently wasn’t in the original dialog. The new line apparently is a more faithful translation…….that and it’s still essentially the same only less creepy.

    Remember kids, all anime is bad apart from JoJo.

    We gotta fight Maff.

    • Epilef

      I’m pretty sure the Evangelion bit was a joke

      • Leo Grant

        Given he also mentioned having issues with the change on Twitter along with the fact that it’s one of the many things Evangelion fans have with the Netflix dub?

        Don’t think it is.

  • Samuel Toh

    The JoJo table bit had me in stitches.