And here’s a Rutube link to keep you going while I deal with Vimeo’s DMCA thing, I can’t get them to appear so you have to click this link. I don’t make the rules.

No Dailymotion full-screen link this week, it got black-listed both times I tried to upload.


Racing Skulls (Bonus Stage) by +TEK (Skeleton Boomerang)

Great Fairy Fountain by Koji Kondo (The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time)

Papu’s Pyramid by Josh Mancell, Mutato Muzika, Mark Mothersbaugh (Crash Team Racing)

50 Rings A Pop …BOSS: Egg Dispenser & Heavy Leader by Tee Lopes/Falk Au Yeong (Sonic Mania)

Thanks To…

Boris Koslov for the fabulous intro

BOTBVideos for editing the Usos bit so I didn’t have to. DUIs are funny!

RefJoePoe for the hard-ass table

BStiff_Hou for Ethan Page mocking the old TNA

Wres Edits for Shane Simpsons, Shelton Simpsons and probably some other stuff as they’re very productive

James Corrigan for the Father Ted ending

AdamAda37802959 for the Braden Walker ending

EricRauty for the HEY KAYLA ending

Lance Madewell for the Doubtfire ending

leo ryker for the O.C. (don’t call it that) ending

steve williams for the Get The F out mix

Art0Donnell for another inspiring Billy Gunn Simpsons idea


Like last video I can’t think of anything interesting to put here so I’ll keep it brief. Hope you are all well and Botchamania is meeting your standards and fulfilling your botch-filled, video game flavoured needs. If not, I’ll make like WWE and ignore the fuck out of your complaints and carry on lighting cigars with £50 notes.

oh and no EVOLVE stuff as they asked years ago to not be featured and I’m sticking to their polite request as I don’t need Gabe setting Austin Theory on me

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

Boris Twitter for your White Russian needs

WWE Network for Extreme Rules and stuff

AEW for your Fights and Fallen needs

Impact’s sweet Ethan Page commentary can be found here

MLW is still on YouTube (unlike the majority of my videos)

DDT doesn’t have an English site so follow this twitter instead

CMLL’s YouTube can subscribed here

PWG and their slams can be found here

Game Changer Wrestling for your pro backyard wrestling

That’s your lot, feel free to continue following on Twitter and liking this FB Page before they’re taken down because of Article 13.

  • Nice, as always. 🙂

    Needs more FUCK ON ME though.

    • Daniel O’Reilly

      And maybe a Hoss dance.

      • Damn right.

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  • Broken M

    Other places you could upload videos would be Verystream and Bitchute

  • Lando Griff

    (Takes Breath) ……… KABUKI!!!

  • Oh man, WWE just keeps on fucking up.

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  • Bam

    Could someone make a ending video with Cesaro & Otis (heavy machinery) spinning people to the tune of Average White Band – Let’s Go Round Again { } love BAM xoxoxo

  • jmthehologram

    maffew i can`t find this video anywhere except on the russian site and the video keeps stopping there. can you provide a download? i`ll message you on reddit too to get your attention