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it’s fully-watchable on xvideos too, but be careful as the site is NSFW.

(Had to remove a quick ending from YouTube as it involved The Beatles music which is grounds for an insta-kill on YT.)


Violent Breathing (Round 7 BGM) by Yuzo Koshiro (Streets Of Rage)

Hot Air Skyway by Josh Mancell (Crash Team Racing)

You Talk Way Too Much by The Strokes

A Little Harder by Hayato Matsuo (Syvalion)

Poo by Robin Beanland (Conker’s Bad Fur Day)

Thanks To…

Kaylee for the Shockmaster intro

Maurice Mataban for the Shockmaster/Bray image

Allirow for the ROH Zzzzz clip

Leo Ryker for the Chris vs Chris from ECW

TopTalentHM for the dropkick

Dan Hamilton & Alan Taylor the SMASH clip

jmaq for the swinging fist ending

anthony ammo for Johnny & Louise ending

Alessio Procopio & simpsons wrestling memes for the old people Simpson ending

charles chase for THE MASK ending

grapgoth for HEY KAYLA ending

wrestling memes for The Black Knight ending I was going to do myself but he did it better and quicker so well done


Fred Shockmaster Ottman did that intro ages ago but the audio was so bad I put it on the backburner until I figure out how to improve it. Well it’s been a while and nothing worked so I’m using it anyway as it’s still The Fucking Shockmaster so thanks again Kaylee!

I broke my “no ROH” footage rule (they asked years ago to not be featured and I’ve respected it) as it’s not TV footage and the fan himself sent the video in and it’s an amazing clip so hopefully they’re Ok with it. Thanks again Allirow, hope you enjoyed the show.

Wasn’t a hell of a lot of botches at Summerslam as WWE actually responded to criticism and remove them from nearly all the matches, so I know this time is slightly shorter than usual and there’s more endings to balance it. It’s the nature of using other people’s footage I’m afraid.

Zelda Dungeon suggested/asked for The Strokes’ song which was nice of them but I’m not going to make it a regular thing as it’s like the rest of their second album, dull as fuck.

Also sorry for not using footage of you getting a win Drew but my records only go back to 2011 so I couldn’t find any clips of that happening.

I know the John Oliver thing was a while ago but it took me this long to find a good quality version of that episode of Smackdown. If you want to check it out, it’s December 6th 2013 Friday Night Smackdown and there’s only so much they could edit on the Network.

Oh and the first version of that video was set to the infamous sewer level theme from Urban Yeti but I decided it was too out there, even by the lofty standards of this show.

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

Fred Ottman doesn’t appear to have any official social media outlets

WWE Network for the very fun and mostly botch-free Summerslam

ICW’s soft-arse tables are right here

SMASH Wrestling run events where things get destroyed

CMLL’s YouTube can subscribed here

Impact Wrestling Post Shows from 2012 can be found here

Game Changer Wrestling when you want to watch CZW but you want to be cool

Super Humman’s YouTube can be fucked and shitted here

That’s your lot, feel free to continue following on twitter and liking on Facebook before they’re taken down because of Article 13

  • Snyde

    Botched audio Shockmaster intro is poetic perfection.

    • I mean it doesn’t get much meta than that

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  • Awesome as usual 🙂

    Also big kudos to whoever came up with the Monthy Phyton / Ziggler idea

  • Man, that opening bit with the Shockmaster is funny. That sleeping fan at the ROH event is proof how far ROH has fallen and why Matt Taven as its top champion is bad for business. The Andre/Harley Race bit is funny and Andre should be speaking in his native language in his home country. As much as I felt bad for Punk, that video was funny. The Beatles/IIconics… that is classic. Sucks that YouTube won’t accept that. Ziggler/Monty Python. That killed me.

  • Tyler Harding

    Botchamania on xvideos is the hero we deserve