and also Xvideos but be warned there’s a LOT OF SEX VIDEO THUMBNAILS surrounding it.


Treasure Trove Cove by Yoko Shimomura (Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Star Trekkin’ by The Firm

Thanks To…

More Than Hype for the fabulous intro

Tony_Sparanz for spotting Orton’s “i’m about 255”

Kevin Owens for saying TALKS TOO MUCH

Richardland for the Rockers interview

Massive Q for the Aussie table

lampley for the Wii Bowling ending

ruthlessradio for the Mayor Kane ending

josh sibley for the FME ending

kidswol for the Io Shirai ending


I didn’t forget Otunga winning the tag titles with Cena but completely forgot The New Nexus because they were The New Nexus

List Of Wrestling Companies And Where To Find Them…

More Than Hype are a lovely bunch of lads




WWE Network is still around, go watch Clash Of Champion (from 1990)

AEW and their press conferences can be discovered here

CMLL’s YouTube can subscribed here

Game Changer Wrestling when you want to watch CZW but you want to be cool

Wrestling GO! can be found in New South Wales and here

SLAM! Wrestling Finland can be followed right here

Fight Club Pro can be found here

CM Punk’s interview with Fite TV can be listened to here

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  • greg quiles

    ok this goes out to maffew im sorry but you are now hit with a fine cause the honestly not funny part of the show was and is the deer part. i fine you 50,000 dollars due to it not being funny but all hope is not lost. decent show 2 out of 10. Wade Barrett said it best. DON’T FUCK ON ME.

    Decent show but that deer part wasn’t funny. you have 4 minutes to pay the fine. GO

    • oh fuck.

      would a “my bad” suffice?

      • greg quiles

        lol i can forgive you LOL Iron Sheik help me out

        maffew you are good you are the best but you know botch wise. i can beat the fack out of you.

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  • I don’t know, I thought the deer part was funny. The stuff with Drew Gulak is hilarious.

  • Ashing

    You’re going to hell for that Taz/Plankton joke, and I’m coming with you becuase of how hard I laughed.

  • Barry White

    Botchamania… but surrounded by porn thumbnails? Fuck on me, indeed! Get to kill two birds with one stone now.

  • JoPo

    Wheres that Bash Master promo from? It’s better than anything ibe heard from WWE lately.