Mad Monster Mansion by Michiko Naruke (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Slow Moon by Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage 2)

Hanging Around by The Stranglers

Liberi Fatali by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy VIII)

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Kiddcage45 & Are_Jay_Emm for the HIAC live clips

Matmaniapodcast for the Raw Corbin chair clip

honasantino, camillenaredo, lindzlaracroft, Cobyoda, REALkikoo & YangQiMin for the Manilla WWE clips

doradafan & RobViper for the CMLL clips

wresedits for the fiend at HIAC ending

pete molski for the Sanic ending

RemingSteele for the THPS ending

thedongside for the Bayley ending

shortboypinoy for the BUBBLY ending

Evilsj for the Simpsons ending

stanthedrybear for the Honk ending


That HIAC main event was still better than that fucking CMLL pin

The Jack Evans clip was submitted by people (and generated a small Botchamania chant live) but is very obviously not a botch. But here it is anyway!

Oh and also the WWE schedule has been changed dramatically (nice knowing you 205 live!) and this is going out on a Friday for Patreon people and Sunday for everyone else, so if anything dramatic happens on Smackdown then it’ll have to wait until next episode. There’s got to be some cut-off point or these videos would never get released.

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    Bless you sir, I say it like every other video but the endings are hof worthy.

    That honk tho, it was all culminating to this. I legit wish Rock sees that and maybe we could get something better than Batista in Gears 5.

    Did you know that Square Enix copyright claims The Landing from the FF8 ost on YouTube? I don’t think they claim the entire ost though, really odd.

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  • I can’t blame Bryan Alvarez for laughing his ass off. Yeah, that’s WWE for ya. As long as you keep paying, you’ll continue to eat shit sandwiches every day. That CMLL botch… what the fuck? That was one of the worst finishes ever.

    So that’s why Bayley turned heel? Table wouldn’t sell for her.

    That first Simpsons ending was hilarious. Braun Sonic killed me.

    • The Popcorn Tape

      That’s why I unsubscribed from the WWE Network years ago.
      God, I hope AEW succeeds. They’re not perfect, but they’re better than most WWE stuff is right now.

      • True. It’s not just AEW that I hope succeeds but also NWA, MLW, and New Japan. I just hope we get enough good pro wrestling for everyone to enjoy and not be hammered down by the bullshit that is Meekmahan-land.

      • stingersplash .

        NXT 2 AEW 0 in terms of match quality.

  • Jimmen Marvinlooter.

    This episode was so great. The Braun giga-beard intensifies at 11:40 blew my mind. Those endings were some of the best ever. I lost it for Die Hard (my favorite movie) combined with The Fiend, and I truly spit up water for Pennywise and the perfect use of The Bubbly. Wow…just wow. I’m always amazed at the creativity that comes out of these videos.

  • JAckh45

    >only showing 2 of botches from AEW over the past 2 weeks
    >dynamite literally having 5+ per match
    No bias here.

    • stingersplash .

      Yeah the announcer flubs alone have been plentiful. Tony and Excalibur have screwed up.

    • Epilef

      Bias? Botchamania is some kind of competition now?

      • JAckh45

        Bias – inclination or prejudice for or against one person or group, especially in a way considered to be unfair.
        Displaying the botches of one company over the other is showing bias, especially when these companies are “at war”.

        • Leo Grant

          Except there’s no bias though Maffew legit doesn’t always put botches in the videos that should be in either because he forgets, misses them, or because he thinks they’re too fucked up like the Enzo-Vaudevillians botch.

          Plus the only ones who think AEW & WWE are at war are marks who haven’t grown out of the of 1980’s/1990’s and gloss over how those wars helped lead to our present problems in the NA wrestling scene.

          • JAckh45

            Literally the only “botch” they show from AEW was a headbutt to a camera man… There is at least 2 dozen from last weeks show alone they could of added but instead we are given the first 5 minutes of the episode dedicated to a match being stopped (as stupid of a decision as it was).
            Also they are absolutely “at war” with one another, competing wrestling programs airing at the same time weekly… ratings and advertisement $$$ is the “war” people talk about.
            Couldnt give a fuck about being called a mark at all, I just tell it like it is.

          • Leo Grant

            Also they are absolutely “at war” with one another, competing wrestling programs airing at the same time weekly… ratings and advertisement $$$ is the “war” people talk about.

            And once again the only people who care about this are people old enough to remember the territory days and the few people who thought the monday night wars turned out quality programming for 2 1/2 years everyone else can’t give two shits.

            Couldnt give a fuck about being called a mark at all, I just tell it like it is.

            And that’s okay…..but the main crux of your argument regarding Maffew having bias is wrong. If you feel as though more people need to see more botches from AEW that Maffew didn’t show. Feel free to start up your own video series dedicated exclusively to AEW botches instead of making objectively wrong statements.

        • Epilef

          And of course Botchamania is one of the most important and relevant factors to determine the most competent between two major global multi-million-dollar companies, right?

          • JAckh45

            At what point did I say that?
            I was simply calling out the bais behind Botchamania not showcasing the many botches in the last 2 weeks of AEW yet happily showing very minor botches from WWE.
            If you cant see that, then I don’t know what to tell you…

  • JoPo

    My Thanksgiving weekend is complete now after watching this! Family, friends, food, yeah, they’re good too, but I’m always thankful for a good botch compilation from the Maff!

  • stingersplash .

    Sorry but it wasn’t a DQ it was a no contest. Like last year. It was better than the planned finish. I had no problem with it, I loved they made Bray into Jason Voorhees. The PPV was good, both cell matches had inventive stuff.

    • Leo Grant

      Regardless of what it was it was stupid.

  • Mr Armageddon

    The forbidden music ending, pure genius.

  • Herbert Stevensh

    Idea for Halloween Botchamania ending: from the first IT movie, when Stan sees the mummy descending the staircase, play “and the yeti!” clip. When he runs to Bill’s bike Silver, play Dusty saying “He got a bicycle!” finish clip with dub of Pennywise saying “Facken bullshit!”.

  • ColeYote

    I’m not entirely convinced that Riho failing to counter a powerbomb with a back body drop was a botch. Looked like shit, but I could buy it as intentional considering Nyla Rose is literally twice Riho’s size.

  • Jerichoholic Ninja

    I went and watched the ending of watchalong, just before the exchange that that was shown and my favourite part occurs at around 3:13:11 shortly before the finish.

    X-Pac: (looks knowingly over at Natalya) “So it takes Triple H’s sledgehammer to beat him?” (He and Natalya burst out laighing)

    He then mockingly says “Anything but the sledgehammer! That’s where we draw the line folks, it’s the sledgehammer.”

    I also love how terrified everyone is after the finish when the fans are chanting. You can tell that nobody wants to say anything.

  • Snufkin

    What a great episode!

    (I got choked up when I saw that pinfall from La Caribena vs La Metalica match. Hard to believe that so botched finish did actually happen. It’s a pretty high-shit stuff, even for CMLL standards.)

  • Guys, can someone tell me the name of the song right before the Charlotte vs Bayley tables botch starts? From which game is it?

    • Andy Goodman

      Not sure of the name, but it’s from Mario Paint.

  • Placid_Snake

    Yeah, no, I’ll take a pinfall by one shoulde ron the mat over a DQ in a Hell in a Cell match. The only thing that can top that in terms of utter stupidity when it comes to disregarding basic rules was that time they were BRAWLING OUTSIDE IN A CAGE MATCH.