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Arena 1 by Kenny Chou (One Must Fall 2097)

Theme of Terry Gordy by Kinuyo Yamashita, Hiroyuki Iwatsuki (Zen Nihon Pro Wrestling)

Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

Thanks To…

WWEPostHuman5000 for the Roman echi picture

LiamORourke86 for the Sandman fan falling

Jurn Simmons for his own slip (it’s ok, he’s winning 16 Carat this year)

Brandon Stroud for the NWA Powerrr call spot

Rob Viper for the Rey Mysterio clip

BAHU for the FMW Shawn Michaels story

Jay Hunter for reading Kurt’s book

wres edits for the Simpsons editing ending

icarusliv3s for the DOOM ending

thatretro for the Orange Cassidy ending

Kade Thompson for the Rescue ending

remingsteele for the Running Man ending

steve williams for the Ned Meltzer ending


I loved the Rumble, especially the Men’s one and everyone running the Brock Gauntlet.

Again, AEW and my source who works for them would like to clarify Jim Ross wasn’t farting, it just totally sounded like one. So there.

List Of Wrestling Companies And Where To Find Them…

Ugg The Caveman can be followed here, please don’t kill me

WWE still has a network, go watch Rumble for the Rumble matches!

WWEPostHuman5000 is funny

AEW Dynamite explodes onto your browser when you click this here link.

Game Changer Wrestling for your hip, cool trendy needs

Fight Club Pro is still fighting professionally in clubs

wXw’s video service is called wXwNow so you can watch wXw NOW

MFMWM (My First Match With Mark Andrews) can be subscribed to here

BAHU’s History Of FMW is great, go listen & watch

Jay Hunter is part of the amazing OSW Review

Steve Williams’ (not not that one) YouTube can be found here and oh my god is he good.

  • That Edge/Sopranos ending was great. Fucking Kevin Dunn.

    • Lee Dellbridge

      They already put up an alternative angle video. I daresay the VOD version is fixed?

      • Yeah but I don’t have the WWE Network and I never will. Fuck WWE. Sports entertainment sucks.

        • Lee Dellbridge

          Bit late I know but I take it you don’t watch any wrestling. Because AEW is sports entertainment too.

          • I disagree with that. Plus, I watch New Japan and NWA. I love Nakamura but come on, don’t you wish he is back in New Japan instead having to job to no-talent bums like the Maharajah-bum?

  • JoPo

    Back to the old Botchamania opening? That feels like a botch within a botch video.

    • Lee Dellbridge

      The new one was long and a bit shit though. I much prefer this opening.

  • Josh Borges

    That’s Dana Brooke’s hair that is slipped on by Tamina, not Carmella! Maffew botched it!

  • MJA

    That Lego City ending is glorious. Well done Kade Thompson.

  • JAckh45

    Only 4 AEW botches shown this week… yeah okay.

  • CodyXOmega

    10:51-12:36 “Umm” “Uhh” “Umm” “Umm” “Uhh” Umm” “Uhh” Uhh” “Umm” “Uhh” “Umm” “Uhh”.

  • Lee Dellbridge

    Was the Carmella but actually Dana thing on purpose? Just after the Alexa but actually Toni goof I guess so. Or I’m giving Maffew too much credit 🙂
    Can someone please retire JR. AEW are letting him ruin his legacy week by week. Just use Taz.

  • motorheadbanger

    My god… Am I the only one who bought StrangleMania? My friends and I, we used to get fucked up and watch that tape all the time. Best commentary ever! The second one was okay, especially the call on the wrestler turning into a bat, but the first one is goddamn magic.

    Anyways, another great vid! Keep up the great work!

  • BDT

    The “Reigns is the Universal Champion” thing isn’t a botch. I believe he said “Reigns AS the Universal Champion”

  • angel heredia

    Best intro back, never change it!