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Wave by Yuzo Koshiro (Streets Of Rage 2)

ACID SEAFORCE STAGE by Toshihiko Horiyama (Mega Man X3)

Mysterious Dry Dry Outpost by Yuka Tsujiyoko, Taishi Senda (Paper Mario)

Thor by Manowar

Chaos King by Toby Fox (Deltarune)

Thanks To…

John Gjoni who sent me PAC clip

Paul London for the Impact clips

Brian Zane for the ring announcer falling off the ring

futuramaforlife & Shawn Michael Schnee for Oedo Tai corpsing

TurboVonStab for the Pondo Destroyer

Richard Land for the Savage, Hogan & Steamboat out-take

juzashannon for the new hat ending

RemingSteele for The Running Man & GTA endings

swang for Super Smackdown ending

irishNathan for the HEY ending

Lance Madewell for the Pac McMahon ending

205lives for the haunted house ending

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

Ref Aubrey Edwards can be followed here, please don’t kill me

WWE still has a network, go watch the Hidden Gems before they remove them all.

AEW Dynamite explodes onto your browser when you click this here link.

MLW can be subscribed on YouTube here

OTT Wrestling’s pivotshare still works

MFMWM (My First Match With Mark Andrews) can be subscribed to here

BJW has a Network if you know google translate

Impact Wrestling and their Plus thing can be clicked here

Dragon Gate also have a Network so get ready to Open Your Wallet Gate

Hey guess what: Stardom have a Network too

That’s your lot, here’s your Twitter & FaceBook and keep yourself hydrated until next video.

  • Herbert Stevensh

    Next time you have a match that is a total botch fest, use this music for it:

  • belovedwarlord

    What the fuck was that lego ending?

  • SomeInternetGuy

    Stardom has weekly pre-match botch material. Good stuff.

  • Snyde

    404: Botches Not Found.

  • JoPo

    Savage is back on call for corpsing?
    Guessing Shayna removed the source of Becky’s Man power.

  • I hope you can persuade Xaivier Woods to watch this because him getting Super SmackDown made would be the best thing ever.

  • Oh man, that spot where the guy missed the table and landed on his butt was hilarious.

  • Jeffrey Loftus

    Damn, I was hoping to see Excalibur’s “I Am The Table” reference from the week after Riho didn’t go through the table. I lost it when I heard him say it after showing the replay from the week before.

  • Watching this just now reminded me about the 2Cold Scorpio botch, and the bit on Being The Elite earlier suddenly clicked.

  • WitherThrakhTT

    who was AJ Styles’ japanese opponent?

  • Lee Dellbridge

    Endings were very hit and miss. Whack, Blackadder, Pacman good. That very last one though, nah.

  • ColeYote

    That Canadian Destroyer would’ve perfectly fine if it were supposed to be an avalanche Mountain Bomb by the other guy. Shame it clearly wasn’t.

  • TaraBrett

    I thought the ending was very smart, very fast and anxious: super.

    I loved it: please consider to develop this style further, Little by little (this way is cool, almost subdued in the whole mix of the video ) it’s very meaningful With what we think is social media, I thought it was a very true and impactful representation..