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Battle Against a Mobile Opponent by Hirokazu Tanaka, Keiichi Suzuki, Akio Ohmori, Ritsuo Kamimura (Earthbound)

Theme of Akira Taue by Kinuyo Yamashita, Hiroyuki Iwatsuki (Zen Nihon Pro Wrestling)

Thanks To…

Big Guns Joe for the fabulous intro

MorrisMethod for that Moema Mia clip

whoever it was on twitter who told me John Wayne says “you talk too much” in Sands Of Iwo Jima

Ian Hamilton for the Pro Wrestling EVE clip

WH Park for the Nice Pro chair dive

CeeHawk (one of the only people on twitter worth listening to) for the wonderful read-through

Tony Meyers of uuuwm for kobe ending credit

thatretro for the puppy bowl

bonevangelista for the bloody bloody ending

remingsteele for the goldeneye tank ending

ShroomMeister for the Tazz (no the other one) ending

alan jakubs for the Fucked Love ending


It’s been a weird few weeks. Ever since the Speaking Out movement spread like wildfire, I’ve been wondering if these videos were worth continuing with given how many de-activated twitter accounts were highlighted as a result of these shows. After some soul-searching I’ve decided I’m not going to let the cunts win and going to continue until COVID kills wrestling completely in a few months time

Plus I wouldn’t be able to feature some of the good people I’ve met thanks to these videos in the Someone I Like Reads A Wrestler’s Autobiography section

Haven’t seen GCW’s Backyard Wrestling show 2 yet as I spent most of last week drinking whiskey and 100%ing Crash Bandicoot so you’ll have to enjoy vintage BJW clips instead

Audio during the Cole height section is from Dominik Diamond’s rollercoaster ride on GamesMaster

And I’ve met Adam Cole and I could see the top of his head

List Of Companies And Where To Find Them…

WWE still has a network, make sure you wear a mask when watching it

AEW Dynamite can be clicked here, go listen to Taz carry the company on his back

Big Joe’s Guns (both of them) can be followed here

Something To Wrestle With can be listened to right here

Pro Wrestling Eve can be paid here

IWA-MS can be followed here but make sure you don’t try and ref for them

CeeHawk can be respected here

That’s your lot, here’s your usual social media links and keep yourself safe until next video

  • SomeInternetGuy

    The Rock’s honking and Cody’s “Fuck on me” will never, ever get old.

  • Graeme Aitchison

    Love you Maffew. Fuck Dominik Diamond though.

  • Bacon Boscowitz

    Soon as I saw how unsturdy that ladder was, you just knew it wasn’t going to end well for that guy…

    We need a supercut of all the times Big E has throw his ring coat at Corey. That shits hilarious

  • Rebel Coyote

    Taz buried a gimmick

  • Museli

    Big Guns Joe! He was the most fun part of a couple of indie shows I’ve been to. He was also nice to me in our brief meeting, despite the fact that I’m a scrawny weakling.

  • DracoXero

    Those notes of yours are pathetic. Just quit making these videos if wrestling all of a sudden offends you so much. It’s not like you make any money from this in the first place.

    • Are you an Idiot?

      • Mohammad

        Hey man, why don’t you just leave him alone? He is free to express his opinion. Shame on you, and shame on whoever liked your stupidity in your aggressive comment. Maybe you should get out sometimes in the real world, and stay off of Twitter sometimes.To say clearly, bully: are you an ldiot, perhaps?

        I know Maffew’s got a fetish to act like a whiny victim, apparently: but you can’t be an oppressor, in fact, you’re a joke (just like whiny little Maffew… go get a job, you Idiot).

        • And you my friend, I don’t even have to ask, it seems.