Summerslam 2014

Summerslam 2014

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I think it’s best to wait until after Raw to review a PPV, as it’s the ending-after-the-credits for the PPV nowadays.

Steve Austin and Botchamania

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I’ve peaked again. Audio recorded from his Summerslam 2014 panel.Cameras weren’t allowed but steve0ftw managed to get the audio, much love sir!

Roddy Piper Live

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I had the pleasure of going to watch Roddy Piper at The Stand Newcastle a few weeks ago. Touring one-man wrestler shows in the UK have had a bad rep the last few years (it’s always the amateurs that ruin

10 Reasons to Love/Hate John Cena

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Your boys from OSW are back with a little Brucie Bonus chatting the pros & cons of John Cena! This was recorded after the One Night Stand 2006 episode. Stalk Jay on twitter @OSWreview!

Because He’s Black

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Oh that Matt Sydal. And his hair.